To The One Overthinking Everything, Know That It All Will Work Out

To The One Overthinking Everything, Know That It All Will Work Out

Part of living a good life is relinquishing your desire to control things that, in reality, you cannot and accepting that it's impossible to have everything together.


You are not alone, you are not crazy and you can be better. Hi, my name's Alex and I overthink everything. Count on me to turn something as simple as what to eat for breakfast into an ultimatum that, in my mind, will somehow alter whether my kids are musical or not. If you think about it (but not too much), overthinking things makes perfect sense. Most things in life are part of a process of uncertainty reduction; we are frightened most by what we do not know or do not understand. We seek comfort in being able to anticipate what is going to happen and we crave having some kind of control over even the most unpredictable things. This doesn't rationalize overthinking, but it makes sense. In thinking, like everything else, we must remember that the key is doing things in moderation. Also, awareness is the first step to reform, isn't it?

There's a difference between thinking ahead and over-analyzing a situation. It can be advantageous to think ahead and explore different outcomes, especially when making an important decision. Knowing your options and weighing the benefits and repercussions of a situation is essential to making good decisions. However, exploring possible outcomes can easily lead you to think of highly improbable situations that will end up stressing you out. I pride myself in being mentally present and constantly thinking, however, pair this with the overactive imagination that I have and you create a monster. The price you pay for having a mind that's constantly shifting from thought to thought is that the likelihood of mentally stumbling upon unnecessarily stressful scenarios is elevated. You have to learn how to conserve your mental energy and filter out what is and isn't important to think about. It's also a matter of knowing when to cut yourself off, something college kids should also apply to... other aspects of their lives.

I believe that part of the problem lies in the content we consume. Every social media outlet perpetuates this image of living the "perfect life" created by celebrities, bloggers and YouTubers. Even in sharing their more personal, raw moments they are idolized and labeled as "having it together." No one ever has, or ever will truly have it together. Earlier this week, a picture of an egg became the most liked photo on Instagram just for some memes. If this doesn't snap you out of whatever trance social media may have you in, I don't know what will. But this isn't to say you can't live a successful, fulfilling life if you don't have it together. My point is quite the opposite. Part of living a good life is accepting that you can't control everything.

Part of curbing the bad habit is relinquishing your desire to control things that, in reality, you cannot while accepting that it's impossible to have everything together. It's okay not to have all the answers, especially at this age. What you don't want is your own thoughts and assumptions to be a hindrance to the natural course of events where the possibilities are truly endless. I didn't realize how much I overthought things until it became painfully derisive to how I functioned. It's something that I'm working on to this day. I am incredibly blessed to have friends who call me out on it and help me to calm down and recalibrate my mindset.

In life, we walk along a path that is paved by our experiences and the choices we make. By solely looking ahead, we miss the pebbles and cracks in the pavement that will inevitably cause us to stumble and fall into setbacks. Don't focus so much on mere possibilities that you miss out on learning from and enjoying what is already happening.

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Self-Reflection Is Always Beneficial

Always ask yourself how you can improve your life.


Self reflection is an important part of growing up. It is important to sit back and think about who you are and who you strive to be. I think that dwelling on the past too much can be extremely harmful, but that a little bit of reflecting on your past can be great.

Think about it, every choice you have made in your life so far has led to where you are now. Every single choice, no matter how small it may have seemed, has had a major impact on your entire life. The choices we make definitely change the path that we take.

Most likely, every friend you made changed your outlook something. Every place you went to will remain in your memories. Maybe you experienced something because of certain choices that led you to learn a valuable lesson.

Maybe those dreadful things of your past needed to happen to allow you to grow. No one deserves to hurt, but sometimes hurting then healing can be replenishing.

I think we should value our lives because they are so unique. No one on this earth will have had the same experiences you have. Even if someone was following you around 27/4 or was literally joined at the hip with you, they would not have the same life as you, because their thoughts would be different from yours and their perspective would be different as well.

You will never get the same day twice, so it is important to make every day the best you can make it. Try to laugh in stressful situations. Try to breathe when there seems to be no air left for you. It is vital to keep moving forward. If you look back, you'll trip on everything in front of you. Do not look into your past and examine your mistakes negatively. We grow from mistakes. We live and we learn. Use those mistakes as a study guide to become a better you. Use your past to your advantage and try to give yourself a better future.

It is important to know that life is a roller-coaster with twist and turns, peaks, and sudden drops that will make you feel sick to your stomach and scared for what's waiting at the bottom. But if you fear life, you will never enjoy the fun parts.

Look back and examine yourself but don't write a novel about your mistakes. Move past them and live a better life. Spread love, be kind, and be grateful for what you have overcome. Those hurdles you went through have only made you stronger.

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