The holidays should be a time of peace, love, and happiness as cheesy as it may sound. The most important one is love- the time we get for winter break should allow us to reflect on what matters most.

1. Your health

This is often the first thing we take for granted until we are sick or injured.

2. Your friends and family


No matter how small your circle may be, everyone is loved by someone.

3. Your home


Home is a feeling; so wherever or whatever your home may be, be grateful that you have one.

4. Opportunities


I am most grateful for my opportunity to education, in which I often remind myself to take advantage of.

5. Access to food/water


Many will not have this privilege on Christmas, so it is especially important to be grateful for it.

6. Pets (if you have them)


Being away for college makes me realize how much I miss my pets.

7. A break from school/work/etc.


A couple weeks of stress-free living is certainly something to be grateful for.

8. The holiday spirit


This makes people nicer in general, so be thankful that people are in a better mood.

Merry Christmas, and keep the spirit of Thanksgiving going.