Why You Need To Play Hollow Knight
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Why You Need To Play Hollow Knight

This indie masterpiece is well worthy of its spot as my favorite video game of all time.

Why You Need To Play Hollow Knight
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If you're looking for some escapism or deep immersion right now as many people are, I think you'll find that games offer one of the best options. And if you look beyond the triple-A titles most people are familiar with, you might even find something realy special. For me, a few years ago, that something special was Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight was made by relatively small Australian game dev studio "Team Cherry." Despite it being essentially their first game, it is far and above the greatest game I have ever played. At least, in my mind.

Hollow Knight follows the adventures of the lonely "knight", a small white bug exploring a dying kingdom of bugs, gods, and glory. While this premise may seem simple enough I can assure you the game is as expansive, perhaps more so, than most major game releases in the modern age. It has dozens of hours of exploration, a huge map, a multitude of unique abilities and secrets to find, Lord of the Rings-level deep lore, and an enormous list of bosses.

The story is slow and requires a lot of piecing together through player agency. Nothing is handed out to you, only small clues and hints of what is actually going on and what befell this ancient, glorious kingdom. In spite of this, the story brought me to tears multiple times when massive revelations struck me or when particularly poignant moments occurred. The subtlety with which Team Cherry crafts their narrative is such that even the slightest rocking of the boat from their writing has huge effects.

If you're looking for difficulty, the game can range from anywhere to fairly easily and agreeable to truly insane and nearly impossible, allowing gamers looking for accessibility a chance to experience the world and seasoned veterans of the series a massive challenge to scale.

And the best part? You get all of that, plus all of the FREE DLC, for $15. Sounds like a deal to me.

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