A Slow Driver's Perspective

We’re in a rush. We need to get from point A to point B as soon as possible.

“I absolutely hate “Sunday” drivers; they just mindlessly drive around so slowly.”

Well, do they have to be in a rush?

From a long road trip to a quick five-minute drive to the store, it seems as if it’s a competition to see how many times you can speed without getting pulled over, and getting mad at anybody who’s going slower than you.

Once, during a slow waitressing shift, I overheard a story, “Tonight I was driving home after bingo, and the sunset outside my window was just spectacular! I wanted to keep looking at the sky, but then I saw a cop’s lights in my rear view mirror. When the cop pulled me over all he asked was if something was wrong because I was going 32 in a 55 line. I just told him I wasn’t in any big rush!!”

The elderly lady telling the story had a huge kind hearted smile on her face and wore a bright yellow little hat; seemed as if she had it together.

What if you had been in the vehicle behind the elderly lady? Yelling and screaming from the inside of your vehicle, becoming truly angry at a little old lady who just wanted to look at the sunset for a few extra minutes?

What’s so wrong with being “that” driver? The one that takes turns to slowly, slows down at a yellow lights, and drives a little slower to see the beautiful things you hadn't thought to slow down for before.

Road rage is something I have, and maybe you too - but I've learned that I may be in a rush, but someone else may not be - so next time, try to leave the horn alone and the obscene gestures to yourself. I've never been in a situation that road rage fixed the problem.

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