Stressing Out This Midterm Season Will Only Hurt Your GPA, I Promise

Stressing Out This Midterm Season Will Only Hurt Your GPA, I Promise

Struggling with midterms, assignments and job? Here's your go-to list to de-stress yourself.


If you want that dream GPA on your transcript or at least pass this semester, make sure you're following this very easy, quick checklist.


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First things first, do not panic at the thought of failing the semester. It won't fetch you grades, but only more stress. So, don't!

2. Follow up with the lecture notes

Make sure you're up-to-date with all the notes you've taken down during lectures. Most of the times, questions on the test are from questions/topics discussed during the lectures.

3. Do it the Pomodoro way!

Are you aware of the tomato timer, aka Pomodoro Technique? It is a famous time-management technique composed of 25 minutes of study/work with 5 minutes of break. So, use it to win it!

4. Listen to music

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Listening to music is a great way to relax. Now, don't try to listen to hard-rock or punk-rock music, because it can mess up the mind and excite the nerves. Try listening to soothing music that calms the mind (and soul).

5. Believe in yourself!

Think about the times when you've been at your best. Let those positive vibes come in. Believe in the potential you have! You can do it!

Hope the quick-list helps you cope up with all the anxiety and stress you are going through at the moment. Work hard, enjoy and remember, you got this!

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A Open Letter To The Best Friend I Miss

I miss you, in case you forgot.

Dear best friend,

I miss getting in trouble with you.

I miss getting into something crazy with you. I miss our crazy plans and things we say to each other. It is genuinely true that we would be put in a mental hospital if other people heard what we said to each other. I miss writing to each other in class instead of writing notes. I miss our fast food runs after school instead of studying together. I miss falling asleep on your couch and you in the chair instead of hanging out with other friends we had plans with. I miss going past a cop and turning your bass and volume up all the way.

I miss irritating you.

I miss running wild and embarrassing you in Walmart. I miss opening up the car door as we go down the street to freak you out. I miss stealing your phone and wreaking havoc on your Snapchat and texts. I miss taking pictures to hold over you. I miss that "I'm going to kill you" look in your eyes.

I miss your family.

I miss seeing your sisters grow up in front of both of us. I miss your dog even though she tries to eat me alive. I miss hearing your parents talk about work when they get home. I miss helping you babysit after work when it has been a long day.

I miss your boyfriend.

I miss hearing you talk about him. I miss seeing you happy around him. I miss him and I don't even like him half the time.

I miss you complaining.

I miss our rants. I miss your rage about being grounded. I miss you complaining about work. I miss you complaining about biology. I miss you complaining about how incredibly impossible math is. I miss you complaining about anything and everything.

I miss you.

I miss your presence. I miss not having you by my side everyday. I miss hearing you laugh uncontrollably. I miss our beach dates. I miss your messy car. I miss your notes every day after study hall. I miss you with all of my being.

I miss my person.

I miss my almost sister.

I miss my best friend.

I miss you.

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9 Things You Have Been Taking For Granted But Should Be Extra Thankful For This Year

7. Your bed...


You've most likely witnessed lots of things this past year that you haven't given a second thought to. No worries! Everybody gets caught up in the routines we have and it's easy to forget how amazing certain things are. I'm here to remind you of 9 things that you should be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1. The changing seasons

Of course, a bragging point for Michigan is we truly experience the full force of every season that mother nature has to offer! While winter might be slow, that first snowfall s unforgettable and watching the first flowers bloom in spring is always refreshing. Be thankful as we watch how nature keeps herself in balance and how she shares her shapeshifting powers with us! It's a luxury, not every place on Earth has.

2. Pillows!

How could you not be thankful for pillows? They cradle your head and body pillows provide the perfect cuddle buddy for those cold nights. They can be soft and comforting or firm and helpful! Either way, pillows are always there for you and will never leave you. Pro Tip: Remember to wash your pillows, also. Seriously.

3. Your right to vote.

We have such an amazing ability in this country to speak our minds about who we want representing us! Regardless of your party, you are able to let your government know what you think freely and that is magical, especially when there are still places in the world where they are not able to exercise these same rights. Always remember to thoroughly educate yourself and get out there to show people what you think! We can all move towards a better future by working the polls.

4. All the places where you can charge your phone...

Your room, your car, class, your laptop, a portable charger, etc. There are now so many different ways and places to charge your phone that it's almost rare your phone dies at all? It's pretty crazy when you think of all the new ways there are to charge your phone and hopefully you remember the blessings you've been bestowed with to worry about where you can charge up. Some people have way more serious problems than that.

5. Water!

Water is the most healing element that mother nature has given us. It keeps us healthy, hydrated, and alive. We can wash ourselves and make tasty food with it, but not everybody has that! When remembering people in Flint, stay aware they still need help due to the condition of their water. (If you can donate in any way, here is some ways to help.)

6. Literature!

Literature is one of the ways we can educate ourselves about people, history, politics, religion, language, cultures, etc. There's a book out there in every genre, covering any topic under the sun and has historically been one of humanity's leading ways of informing the people or spreading change.

Revolutions have been started due to literature. On the other side of this coin, we should all be grateful for our literacy! The fact that we can all read independently, even if there is some struggle sometimes, means we always have the power to educate ourselves further. Remember your favorite authors this Thanksgiving!

7. Your bed...

Your bed is one of the comfiest things in your life! It cradles you when you've had a hard day, provides a warm space for you when you come home at night, and is the one place I know I can go to if I just need to calm down. Embrace the comfort and ease your bed provides you with every day.

8. Sunshine!

Sunshine. The sun can literally help fight depression and make people feel happier overall. During the early stages of spring and summer, we all feel elated to have the heat of the sun wrapping around us outside instead of the bitter frost of winter. The sun feeds our plants, warms our hearts, and sometimes causes us to groan when we step outside, but we wouldn't have life at all without the sun! Thank the sun for her hard work this Thanksgiving.

9. Freedom of religion...

This one is heavier, but freedom of religion is one of our greatest strengths and the very idea that our country is founded on! Pilgrims came here seeking refuge from religious persecution in England. Now, we can worship freely in any way that we wish to worship. Regardless of people being prejudice or rude, always remember and hold dear to your heart your right to worship. It's a beautiful thing to walk down the street and see dozens of people who all follow faith differently.

In all, we have lots of things to be thankful for. Some small, some we don't think of, and others we take for granted. Be thankful, remember those who struggle, and don't eat so much turkey that you immediately fall into a food coma after dinner.

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