Why am I so excited to watch Disneynature's "Penguins"? Not only because it features cute penguins, but it is actually a movie about a real penguin, not one made of CGI (like the Disney live action of "Lion King"). As a lover of penguins, I am happy to see other penguins other than Emperor Penguins getting some spotlight. Usually, when people think of penguins, they automatically think of Emperor Penguins right away.

However, Disneynature's "Penguins" is doing something different. It's going to focus on a real penguin named Steve. We're ready to see this fellow male penguin find himself a mate and start a family. We'll be rooting for this penguin because he has to deal with killer whales and leopard seals who are willing to take away his happiness.

From the trailer, we catch a glimpse of how the movie will be like. It won't be as serious as "March of the Penguins," because there is some comedy and there is some light-heartedness to it. Not to mention, it's not going to be a documentary that will be bombarding you with facts and heavy information about Adelie Penguins. In fact, it's going to be a coming of age narrative that revolves around one penguin and his struggles, which I think is a nice touch. In my opinion, I believe this will be a perfect movie for families to enjoy. Not because I love penguins, but also, I believe that this movie will be fun and educational for children to watch.

Although this movie takes place in Antarctica, this movie will be a good start for family bonding, which is very important for children. And if you adore penguins like me and need a break from your busy lifestyle to see something cute to liven up your day, I totally recommend watching Disneynature's "Penguins."