5 Must Do Things in Disneyland Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
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5 Thing You Have To Do In Disneyland’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge From A Castmember

As a cast member, we got to enjoy certain perks, one of which was being able to experience Batu before the world got to experience it.

5 Thing You Have To Do In Disneyland’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge From A Castmember
Taylor Sipos
As a cast member, we got to enjoy certain perks, one of which was being able to experience Batu before the world got to experience it. While we were not allowed to have phones or a smart device off world the adventure of going to Batu is one of my most memorable and thrilling experiences of both my college program and my cast life.

Since the reservation system is soon to be over and Galaxy's Edge becomes a commercial travel location for all Disneyland guests to enjoy, I figure it would only be wise to let everyone know my top five things to experience when in Batu.

Make a stop at Savy's Workshop for your relic....AKA Lightsaber.

Get your light saber on!


As a hardcore lover of Star Wars, I can 100% say I cried when I got my lightsaber. I think one of the most magical moments of my cast life has been my Star Wars preview. Besides getting to experience the land prior to the world experiencing the land I got to bring the biggest Star Wars nerd I know, my dad. The man who for the last 21 years has been reciting every word of the franchise and top gun deserved to go above all else, sorry friends and family. Anyways getting to hand tailor a lightsaber to my own modifications was awesome on its own. The show aspect of building the lightsaber was the part that made me cry.

As I turned on my saber and lifted it high master yoga told us the force would be with us and I felt a new Disney magic. Not like the Disney magic of walking down Mainstreet or seeing the castle ever a silent beauty sitting at the edge of the old Mabel modeled street. It was like the excitement of watching those movies with my dad, seeing his excitement, hearing our hero's voices in the background and seeing us with our lightsabers rising. It was worth the pretty penny. With that said it is a pretty penny.

You choose the lightsaber style and get a special Disney pin trading pin per your choice. There are four options and of those options eight different pieces to pick from and then eight crystals in Savy's workshop to choose from. However, there are two more crystals somewhere hidden in the marketplace (gold and white). You then are taught to assemble your saber and then the given a cool show and on your way out a nice sheath to keep it nice and safe while in the park and outside the park. With all that in mind, the price is 199.99. There is an AP and castmember discounts available. No matter the cost it was AWESOME.

Smuggler's Run: Millinium Falcon.

What fan doesn't dream of seeing the Falcon?


If you love Star Wars you will love smugglers run. If you don't you will still love it. Smugglers run is the millennium falcon ride for those who don't know already. It combines both the ride elements of Star tours, a virtual/ video game experience, and a lose/win scenario. Meaning while you are on the ride you affect the outcome. You matter! You are a smuggler on the Millennium Falcon trying to steal coaxium and firing at the first order. This ride is awesome regardless of whether you are seated at a pilot, gunner, or engineer.

I will say engineer has been my favorite as you get to see everything that goes on during your adventure and also make sure that bucket of bolts or junk of junk stays flying. Gunner is also fun but remembers bullets cost credits and if you're on the Disney play app it will affect your status in your chosen faction! It is really cool to actually affect the outcome of your mission all and all. I highly recommend getting a seat on a mission for Hondo so you can see the inside of the Falcon for yourself.

Also, I highly recommend getting a photo in front of the life-size Millennium Falcon right beside the entrance to the ride. Photopass photographers will be out front in the center (usually there are three) ready to get the perfect shots of you while you nerd out either because of the sheer craftsmanship and immersion of the land or perhaps because you love the franchise so much.

Oga's Cantina.

Who doesn't love the cantina scene?


I myself didn't get to enter Oga's Cantina. So you know prior to going the cantina it is the hippest club on Batu which like any club in the Galaxy can make getting in a wee bit difficult. There is usually always a line to enter. The rules of the club are simple you have a certain amount of time once in the indulge yourself in the Cantina. Any over 21 drink must stay inside the cantina.

The souvenir cups that go with your drink you can keep or you can ask for a brand new one that is nice and clean. The cups are just like Trader Sam's souvenir cups meaning that they are so very worth it. Also from what I've heard the drinks are much better than the blue or green milk. Not that the blue/green milk isn't great because if you like rice milk you will love them but not my cup of tea.

And lastly, maybe you've arrived in at the galaxies edge and you aren't a huge franchise fan...well Oga's Cantina will be your favorite place. As long as you are old enough to truly enjoy all of Oga's more adult-friendly beverages...and as long as you have the credits.

Marketplace and shopping.

I love shopping! So Batu is a shopping nerd paradise!


Have you ever wanted a Jedi robe?

One that doesn't say Jedi in training but a real life like one? Well, they've been spotted in Batu.

Along with Queen Amadallas headpiece!

Princess Leia's dress!

Luke's flight suit and even full stormtrooper suits.

Some very hot ticket clothing items can be found all throughout Batuu.

As well as some cute pets! Maybe you fancy a Porge? Maybe animals aren't your speed and you want a best friend like R2D2 or a BB8 unit? You can custom build your own unit for $99.99 in a fun building experience at the droid depot. Or if you just want a normal droid R2 or BB8 you can always get that as well. The marketplace is a very cool place to wander even if you are not wanting to fork out the credits. Just look around and you'll see some cool stuff. Some of which the first order may not be too keen on being displayed. Shopping in Batu may be expensive but if you need it or see it or want it...remember to treat your self!

Interact with as many cast and characters as possible!


Batu is primarily and importantly one of Disneyland's proudest immersive experiences. All the residents of Batu have always lived there and few have gone off world. Thus any and all conversations you have with them will always be fun and memorable part of your time in Batu. That is when you not looking at all the amazing extravagant details in all the nooks and crannies in Batu! Talk to people meet your favorite characters and explore while you're on an epic journey.

Just remember your time in Batu is what you make of it. Will you be a Smuggler, Resistance Fighter, or will you join the First Order? When in Batu do as the Batuans do and may the force be with you!

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