22 Types of People On Your Floor
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22 Types of People On Your Floor


22 Types of People On Your Floor

One of my favorite parts about living in a coed dorm is the role that each person plays. Each person is a valuable asset to the dynamic of the floor. Here are just some of the most common types of people that you will most likely find on your floor.

1. The f*ckboy

He thinks he’s chill, cool, a lady’s man, and extremely attractive. He says that he has a good natural smell, and feels like he would make a GREAT contestant on "The Bachelor." He also wears socks with bananas on them, and says that they're dope. He can often be seen endlessly right swiping on Tinder and playing 2006 video games. Contrary to popular belief, he's actually nice, sensitive, and cares abut women's rights.

“F*ckboy is a style, douche is a mindset."

2. The low-key one

This person doesn’t really make himself or herself present on the floor. You don't really know much about them; only their name and maybe what dorm they live in.

3. The one that’s nice to everyone

There’s always that person who is so nice that it can kind of make you question your own moral judgement. This person always has a smile on their face, and adds only positive vibes in your life.

4. The one that doesn’t really talk to anyone on the floor

You know of this person, but you haven't spoken a single word to them all year. Although you might be next-door neighbors, they don’t seem to talk to anyone. This may or may not fascinate some into trying to figure out why they may appear so closed off. One can only imagine!

5. The one that is always getting in trouble

There are just some people that can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Whether or not it's intentional, you know that they're the ones that are constantly being written up. They're also the ones that will deny that they ever do anything wrong, and might even appeal something as little as a noise violation to the conduct board.

6. The one that you can always hear at all hours of the day

Oh, God, there’s THAT person. Everyone wants to be taking a nap, and all you hear is this person screaming Justin Bieber’s new album, or something stupid about how he or she can’t find the Chapstick they desperately need. Seriously, the only way this person can be stopped is if he or she ISN’T on the floor.

7. The funny one

This person can crack up anyone. He or she might be seen as someone who's ridiculous, but they can always put a smile on someone’s face. This person generally knows that they're humorous, and so they use it to spread positive vibes among the floor.

8. The one that you just always see

There’s always going to be that person that you feel like you always see. From taking the trash out or filling up your water bottle, this person is always around. You don’t understand why you always see them, but you just accept it as a part of your daily routine.

9. The one that’s always awake

Of course your bladder wakes you up at 4 a.m., and you know that you're going to see THAT person. This person can be found never sleeping, and being extremely nocturnal. Their presence confuses you, but you just go along with it.

10. The healthy one

This one makes you reconsider every life choice you’ve ever made. This person works out and runs at 5 a.m., and consistently makes great choices to further their fitness level. Unfortunately, I, and maybe you, don’t do the same.

11. The floor couple

Yeah, you know who you are. There’s nothing that people can do to stop these two love birds from expressing their fiery passion for one another. You might stare from afar and reflect on how lonely and single your reality really is.

12. The people that hook up

Yup, within every coed or same-sex floor, there are bound to be these people. They try to keep it a secret, but nope, everyone knows that they’ve been "canoodling" behind closed doors. The more they deny it, the more you know it happens.

13. Guy that always has his shirt off

I mean, let’s be real. Guys, for the most part, are a lot more laissez faire and content with their bodies. Also, let’s not forget to mention that it’s socially acceptable for guys to be topless. But there’s always that one guy, or maybe even two, that never seem to have their upper half covered. Whether or not it’s a good thing is at your discretion.

14. Guy that always seems to be pledging a frat

There are just those guys that seem to always be pledging but they're never initiated. They can often be seen wearing a suit at all hours of the day, and coming back to the dorm super late at night. Lastly, you can also physically see their soul deteriorating.

15. The new kid

This kid just moved in. Of course, some know more about him due to social media stalking. The new kid grabs everyone’s attention: Will he fit in? Will he suck? Will he be cool? His arrival is awaited with great anxiety and surprise, due to the amount of mystery that surrounds him.

16. The one who tries to make their dorm room a trap house

This person has literally tried to sneak in a fog machine to make their dorm room some type of rave. They've also somehow added a strobe light. Their room poses as a serious heath threat to people with epilepsy. However, this person has also failed to realize that a dorm could never represent a true trap house. Nonetheless, this obstacle does not, and will not, ever stop them.

17. The mysterious one

There’s always that one person you just don't know a lot about. You don’t know what their interests are, if they vibe with you, or even if they want to be living on this floor. Nonetheless, you're fascinated with this person and only see yourself being drawn more and more towards them.

18. The one that obsesses over someone

Yeah, LOL, go libidos, am I right?!

19. The one that you just do not vibe with

There's always going to be that person that you just don’t feel positive vibes towards. This person does not get you, and no matter how many attempts there have been at reaching out and getting to know them, they've all failed. You even question if you come from the same type of species. You will not miss this person when move-out day comes.

20. The one that has ridiculous views

Everyone has their own opinions, but there’s always going to be that person that has the most absurd views. As much as you try to respect their opinions, it just doesn’t happen. It really can’t happen just because you think their ideas suck so much. You often might see yourself questioning why listening to their opinions are your current reality.

21. The one that always has people in their room

Whether it be 1 a.m. or 9 p.m., this person always seems to have people in their room. You wonder if this person is ever alone. The answer is probably not.

22. The one who doesn’t live on the floor, but is a part of the floor

This person might not live on the floor, but their constant presence on the floor basically grants them a spot. You see this person more than some people who actually live on your floor. Additionally, you might even like this person more than some people that actually live on your floor.

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