Which Diet Coke Flavor Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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Which Diet Coke Flavor Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A drink that we all know and love.

Which Diet Coke Flavor Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There is no comparison to a cold diet coke on a hot summer day. People try and say that Diet Coke is just another soda that too many people hype up but we know that is far from the truth. It's our go to drink, sunshine on a rainy day, and the one constant in our lives. Diet Coke is not just a drink to us, to us it is a way of life and this is the flavor you should drink based in your zodiac sign.

1. Capricorn: Original


Hardworking, straightforward, loyal, stubborn, and not content until at the top.

2. Aquarius: Zesty Blood Orange


Sets trends, innovative, admired, distant, and eccentric.

3. Pisces: Blueberry Acai


Alluring, free, sensual, sensitive, and can't function alone.

4. Aries: Raspberry


Brave, independent, assertive, impulsive, and hates to be restricted.

5. Taurus: Feisty Cherry


Good taste, sensual, down to earth, pleasure-seeking, and stubborn.

6. Gemini: Ginger Lime


Dynamic, many talents, likes games, two-faced, and mischievous.

7. Cancer: With Splenda


Sensitive, friend-oriented, practical, hates to argue, and forgives but doesn't forget.

8. Leo: Cherry


Creative, popular, faithful, dominating,and has too much pride.

9. Virgo: Caffeine Free


Successful, creative, likes to please, clever, and can lead others on.

10. Libra: Strawberry Guava


Irresistible, adventurous, lavish, indecisive, and have a complicated love life.

11. Scorpio: Vanilla


Self-reliant, powerful, wise, dominate, and secretive.

12. Sagittarius: Twisted Mango


Open-minded, achiever, loving, insensitive, and cold.

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