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5 Ways To Develop On Your Drawing Style

Fanart is a fun way to find your own art style. Not only do you draw your favorite characters or so, but fan art also allows you to explore your preferences and enhance your strengths.


Having trouble coming up with your own unique drawing style? You're not alone, because I know I am. Here are some ways to developing your own drawing style.

1. Create fan art of your favorite anime, manga, movies, TV shows or dramas, and video games

Fanart is a fun way to find your own art style. Not only do you draw your favorite characters or so, but fan art also allows you to explore your preferences and enhance your strengths. For me, Disney, manga, and anime have helped me in developing my art style.

2. Look up your favorite artists

Don't limit yourself to artists like Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, or Picasso! You can browse through the Internet, go through artists' portfolios, and even go to websites like pixiv, Deviantart, or even Tumblr to look up your favorite fan artists, concept artists, animators, and character designers as well! Look through their artwork and see what parts you like to imitate. For instance, do you like the way the artist color her artwork? Do you want to color like that? Do you want to draw almost the same way on how the artist draws the character eyes? Do you want to draw backgrounds? Do you like the animator's cartoony style? Or perhaps their costume choice? There are some questions you can ask yourself as you look at any other artists' artwork.

3. Go on your art software

Don't be afraid to go on software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and even your drawing apps like Autodesk Sketchbook, IbisPaint X, and Medibang Paint. Experiment with the drawing software and you'll be able to see which program suits you and which one is more comfortable for you. Test out the coloring, brushes, and tools and see which one you like to use for your artwork. If you are having trouble, you can watch YouTube tutorials on the art software to get a better idea. Speaking of Youtube tutorials, this is another way to develop your art style.

4. Watch "speed art" videos or YouTube tutorials

Some artists are very nice to show a "speed art" video of their artworks, which will give an idea of how they drew out their piece. This can be found on YouTube and you'll see their progress, which gives you a huge understanding of what brushes they use. This will be extremely helpful in your journey to an art style.

5. Keep a sketchbook at all times

No better advice than to have a handy sketchbook or even a visual journal with you whenever inspiration hits you. A sketchbook or visual journal allows your mind to pour out all that creativity and all that mental practice.

Now, if you ask other artists on tips in developing your own art style, they will simply tell you to practice and practice even more. They're not wrong, but I feel like the artists can give out even more advice. That's the aim of this article, which I hope be very helpful to you. Good luck, fellow artists!

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