10 Ways To Trend-Up Your Denim Outfits

Ahh, denim on denim - the trend that makes some people cringe and others applaud. For some reason, America is obsessed with denim jeans, denim jackets, denim dresses, denim mini skirts... the list goes on and on. But why? Maybe because it somehow always looks very trendy and is oh so comfy (and you can connect with your inner 90s girl!). Denim has become my favorite fashion fabric because of its versatility - you can even wear it to the workplace. One trend I've seen is integrating denim pieces into traditional, formal business wear. Goodbye to suits and dress of the past! Denim is back, and If you're ever unsure what to pull out of your closet, remember that denim-on-denim is always the answer.

1. Patterned balance

These white jeans complement the patterned light jean button-up to create a simple, and not over-bearing, look for casual hangouts.

2. Color block with accents

She layers true blue denim jeans and a jacket with chic, black booties and an edgy leather jacket. The red purse adds a pop of color and ties the look together.

3. Smooth denim and nudes

You can emphasize the texture of the denim by pairing it with soft nudes and neutral color tops. Stick with simple tops without large prints, colors or patterns.

4. Trench coat flair

Lay a large coat (or trench-style jacket) over your arms at the elbows to add a touch of formality to a denim classic. The front tie on Charlie XCX's shirt adds a country-touch to the look, especially with the brown saddle bag.

5. Dress it up

One way to go full denim is with a chic denim dress! She pairs brightly-colored accents with dress patches to trend-up a simple denim look.

6. Back to basics

Go back to basics and pair denim pants and a jacket with a simple white bando or tank top. She finishes the look with basic white, lived-in sneakers and a red purse.

7. Brown mood

Brown and blue is the perfect color pairing - the cool blue tones complement the warm brown tones of the accessories.

8. Dark two piece

Rita Ora crushes this look by pairing matching pants and a top with interesting white ruching at the arms.

9. Going sleeveless

A little on the wild side - a sleeveless denim jacket acts as a vest to pair with any dress or top. The cuts and shreds add a lived-in edge to the look.

10. Boyfriend jeans

Pair boyfriend jeans with your favorite sneakers, an over-sized denim jacket, and simple black accessories to create a unified look (a partner by your side helps, too).

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