A Definitive Ranking of Your Favorite Childhood Candy
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A Definitive Ranking of Your Favorite Childhood Candy

In order from worst to heavenly goodness

A Definitive Ranking of Your Favorite Childhood Candy

20. Candy cigarettes

These paper tasting grossness are rated as the worst childhood candy for taste and the fact that someone decided to give kids fake cigarettes. Who thought that was a good idea??

19. Candy buttons

Candy Buttons are colorful, tasteless sugar treats. Enough said.

18. Necco

Dirt in wafer form. A lot of older generations gave these out during Halloween and it was never successful to trade.

17. Atomic fireball

For those who were brave enough(or stupid) to have one of these during class, they instantly regretted it. While giving excellent street cred, atomic fireballs are cinnamon without the sugar.

16. Chiclets

Ah yes, the gum that only keeps its flavor for 5 seconds.

15. Candy lipstick

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Instagram got it wrong: real lipstick trends should be sugar lips, not glitter lips.

14. Bottle caps

A Wonka creation, that while yummy with a certain zest to it, never was good enough to finish the whole box.

13. Wax bottles

Chewable wax with a sweet juice on the inside. Many a time I spent choking from chewing on the wax of this candy.

12. Razzles

First it's candy! Then it's gum! This actually one of my favorites, simply because of the movie "13 Going on 30," but upon further investigation I found I am one of the few who actually likes this candy.

11. Candy necklace

The ultimate party favor candy: The candy necklace. Stylish and edible, its every kids dream....until they start getting ants in their bed because they refuse to take it off...

10. Rock candy

This is the candy you BEGGED your parents to get at museums and Cracker Barrel. Why those two? I don't know. Pretty, but kind of tasteless, Rock candy scores number 10.

9. Pixy Stix

Pure sugar in a tube(AKA drugs for children)

8. Pop rocks

This one of a kind candy scores #8 because of all the myths floating around eating pop rocks and drinking soda(people thought you would explode if eaten together.....I was one of those people...)

7. Airheads

Don't even lie. The Mystery Flavor was the best one. All the others were good but not great.

6. Laffy Taffy

If you answered questions right in class, you normally got a Laffy Taffy, which gave you two rewards: fun, chewy candy and a really bad joke.

5. Hubba bubba tape

This started many a fight between me and my brother...and if you had this at school you were instantly cool because your mom let you buy this super sugar gum.

4. Push pops

I can't explain it but having lollipops in push-up form makes them taste better. And, with a lid you could save it for later!

3. Fun dip

Messy, sugary, delectable. You dip sugar into more sugar and get a great sugar rush from it.

2. Pez

Securing the #2 spot are Pez, the fun pop-up candy that came in a variety of characters and figurines. It was a toy and a treat and it was such a miracle if you were able to convince whoever you were with to buy one while in Kroger. Impossible to collect them all, you still had to try.

1. Ring Pops

The #1 spot goes to Ring Pops because of their insanely cool commercials, and that its a delicious wearable sucker.

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