Dear Hollywood, Stop Making Liberals Look Bad
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Dear Hollywood, Stop Making Liberals Look Bad

You're ruining free speech for all of us.

Dear Hollywood, Stop Making Liberals Look Bad

Over the past few months, America has had to deal with the insanity caused by the Trump presidency. I will be first to admit my disdain for the current president, but a troubling trend has emerged on my side that I can no longer ignore.

Many celebrities have voiced their extremely negative opinions for Donald Trump by alluding to violence, and it's not okay.

At the Women's March, Madonna talked about blowing up the White House. Kathy Griffin posed with a decapitated head of the Commander in Chief. Most recently, Johnny Depp cheekily asked when the last time an actor assassinated a president. By the way, the correct answer is 1865.

Depp's comment comes on the heels of the shooting of minority whip Steve Scalise, who was badly injured by a gunman targeting Republican lawmakers.

While threats to the president are considered a federal offense, it's highly unlikely the FBI will be investigating pop singers or comedians. However, I'd like to send a message to my fellow liberals:

Just. Stop.

Whether you're joking or not, your words have meaning. And, whether intentionally or not, the media will associate celebrities with liberal ideals since Hollywood is inherently progressive.

We can't use violent speech to get our message across. Although talking about shooting someone on 5th Avenue and punching protesters in the face works for some people's president, I firmly believe that adding fuel to the fire will only lead to us all crashing and burning.

If you want to use your celebrity to voice your negative opinion on the president, then promote non-violent resistance, not more talk of killing.

As a society, we have become far too accustomed to spewing death threats at people on the internet. Behind our screens, we think that our words are just that: words. But as we have seen, some will take those words to heart and become incited to commit actual criminal acts.

However, when those threats parlay into real life and are said by public figures, they become even more harmful.

It's time to use our political differences for civil discourse, rather than mudslinging. Both sides are guilty of spewing hate, but Hollywood celebrities always seem to come under fire. And rightfully so.

Presidential death threats are nothing new, but when I can't go one day without hearing about another outrageous comment, something is definitely wrong.

Given the circumstances around the attempted assassination of Republican congressmen, it's clear the political atmosphere in this country has become even more toxic and volatile in the months after Trump's inauguration.

And I'm not here to advocate for all of us to sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya. I'd like to think I'm a little realistic.

But what I do want is for liberals, and famous stars in particular, to stop publicly stoking the fire of political hatred. If you were mad about people saying death threats to Obama and Hillary, you shouldn't be okay with people saying they'd like to kill Trump. It surely doesn't help anyone, and as we've seen, the results of such rhetoric can be dire.

So Hollywood, stop trying to make statements about killing the president. Because despite popular belief, you don't speak for all liberals, and some of us aren't okay with what you're saying.

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