Dear Freshman, College is Tough
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Dear Freshman, College is Tough

If you're a new Frosh in a four year university that thinks your year is going to be the best of the best, this article is for you.

Dear Freshman, College is Tough

Dear Freshman,

If you haven't started school yet, or you have and you're in your first week or so, please listen to what I have to say.

College is great, and you may start out thinking you're going to conquer the quarter (positivity is great, you'll need it later), don't burn yourself out. Study, and stay caught up with your homework and syllabus, but do everything you can to find time for yourself. Whether that's an hour of watching Netflix or a few hours going to your Rec center. Give yourself a break. This may seem crazy that I'm telling you this and you may not even start classes until the end of the month but that's only because of how important it is.

Parties are fine, but know that sometimes there's consequences to attending parties. Noise complaints that lead to police presence, sexual assault (sorry but it's our reality now no matter your gender), the list can really stretch on forever. But be smart. If you find that the only fun you're having is when you're drinking or high, you have to reevaluate. There's ways to have an amazing college experience without going to parties every weekend.

Friends are important, I've always been the person who does really well on their own. I've always thought I could conquer the world on my own and if I don't have friends I'll be fine because I'm in college for an education and not to mess around. False. You need friends, they won't be easy to make but start with at least one person in your class. Making a friend in class will make it a lot easier to get up to go to class, and on the days you can't make it, they can help you out with notes, it's a win win.

College is hard. You'll have an easy quarter here and there with a light course load, but your life could also be falling apart behind the scenes. Self care is so important. You will have so many firsts in your first year of college. Like your first finals week, and no we aren't kidding when we say you need kleenex because nothing is more stressful than finals week and dead week. I usually call my mom at least once a day (don't judge she's my rock), and during finals week I call her three or four times. Why? Because I need to, I can tell her all about the stress I'm under, and she'll remind me that I got this and I'll make it through like I always do.

At least one embarrassing thing will happen to you on your first day/ during your first week and you'll think it was a mistake to go. Also false, college campuses can be overwhelming and you may get lost or walk into the wrong classroom, that's alright, it happens to me and I'm halfway done. Laugh it off. This won't be an easy year, but you can do it.

Make the most of it.


A Junior in College.

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