For The Baseball Girlfriends
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For The Baseball Girlfriends

A note for all the girls out there who date the baseball boys.

For The Baseball Girlfriends
Karleigh Byrne

Dating a guy who has a passion for baseball is not easy all the time. However, it is a gift. You are not dating a boring dude that just likes to sleep, eat, and do nothing with their life. You are dating someone who has a passion for something in their life and who wants to do great things. For a while now, I have been dating a baseball player and it has been a great journey for not only him but for me as well. An easy way to see how you can be the best baseball girlfriend you can ever be is to follow the bases all the way to making a home run.

1. First base: Being his number one fan

It is easier when games are local and closer to you, allowing you to be able to watch him play because it is just down the road. However, sometimes baseball games are harder to attend, especially when your boy is on a travel team, away at college, or playing summer ball. My boyfriend, Luke, goes to Marietta College in Ohio, which is exactly 4 hours away from my college. When the first year of college was over, I knew that baseball was not over. As of now, Luke is in Henderson, Kentucky playing summer ball for the team, Henderson Flash. Henderson is about two hours away from me, which happens to be a lot better than four hours. Yet, it is still challenging to find the time to take a day trip down to Henderson when my summer is also very busy. But, that does not mean that I cannot be his biggest fan while not being at the game. Luke's game is actually available online to stream live, making it helpful to watch how the game is going and how Luke is doing in the game, as well. This allows me to feel like I have a front-row seat at the game while being miles away. After the games, the live streams help me be able to be in the moment with him as we talk about the game afterward. As I am very fortunate to be able to watch the games live, there are some girls out there who are not able to access live streaming of the games to watch their all-stars. Although, there are other ways to show that you support him one hundred percent. Sending your boy a little cute care package that is themed baseball always helps them to know that you are right by there his side even when apart. The care packages can be minor leagued or major leagued, meaning that they can be small or big. If you ask me, all a baseball player wants is a bag of sunflower seeds and a Gatorade.

2. Second base: Letting him follow through with his pitches

Karleigh Byrne

Luke and I at senior prom 2018

It is never easy saying goodbye to your boy when he goes off to a new city for a while. But, this is important. Your boyfriend is following his passion and his dreams by going away to a new town that he has probably never been to. Keep in mind that your boy is most likely just as scared as you are. It is never easy for anyone to move somewhere new on their own, whether it is to a college dorm, a host home, or a little apartment with baseball players who are strangers to him. But, this is his choice. This is what he wants to do. So, support him and his decision the best you ever can. Although it is hard, never make him choose between you and baseball because he knows that you are with him and that you will always be the one he comes home to.

3. Third base: He will get mad, but it is okay

Karleigh Byrne

Making Luke smile 2018

When my boyfriend pitches a game and does not do so hot, he usually ends up very upset at himself. But, just keep in mind that he is not mad at you. Sometimes, it may seem like he is mad at you, but I promise you he is not. If your boy is upset about a game that he played, let him vent to you. Listen to him and let him get it all out because it makes him feel better. You don't even have to say anything, just simply listen. This helps him know that you are there for him, even on his bad days. In past experiences, I have learned that my boyfriend does not like when you tell him that they did really amazing in the games that they did not do good in. They hate that. Truly, they want you to tell them to work harder and that every game does not have to be a good game. He wants your support, so encourage him. Sometimes, baseball is not the only thing that makes him upset. He could easily be set off by something a teammate did or just something that is going on in his life. This is also a time for you to just hear him out and let him steam off a little. There might be times where he does not even want to talk to you about it or just wants some time to himself. Do not get mad if this happens to you. SIMPLY allow him to be with himself and have a moment or two. Eventually, he will come around and talk to you about it. Even if he doesn't choose to tell you about it, still make sure he knows that you will always be there for him. That is all he needs at certain times, your support.

4. Home run: Baseball is a blessing

Karleigh Byrne

Town signs in Hawaii 2018

While dating Luke, I have learned that the sport of baseball is truly a blessing in my life. I have learned a ton about the sport, meaning that I have learned a lot about what he loves to do in his life. Baseball has brought Luke and me closer than we have ever been. I have learned to love baseball, and now I actually enjoy watching baseball games, no matter how long they are. Even if he does not pitch in the game I sit through, I know that I will get to be with him after the game and I still get to see him be himself out in the dugout. Baseball has also led me to closer relationships with not only Luke but new people that you find down the road. When I first visited Luke at college, I gained many friendships there, too. This helped me feeling more comfortable whenever I go visit him because I know that I will see familiar faces in the stands to sit with instead of being on my own and feeling awkward being there. Baseball has helped me to go down new roads and to experience new towns, both big and small. You will go to new places where you never imagined that you would ever be in and that is a blessing. You are traveling around to see him and going to the cities that he calls his temporary home.

Always be there for your baseball boy. Support him and always let him know that you are okay and happy. Make time for each other between games and practices. I will admit, sometimes hearing his voice over the phone will make me tear up a little, but that is okay. It is okay to realize that it is hard at times. But, I promise you that it is also hard for him, too. For some guys, baseball is just part of their lives, just like how you are part of their lives, as well. And, never forget that It's also a plus of how cute they look in those baseball uniforms.

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