10 Creative Date Ideas For Rutgers University Lovebirds
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10 Date Ideas Around Rutgers, From Good Food On Easton Ave To Rock Climbing At The Gym

Netflix and Chill in your college dorm room can be great, but sometimes you'll want to think outside the box to surprise your significant other with some unique date ideas.

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Whether you find the love of your life at Rutgers or you've known them since high school, some date ideas are necessary during your college years. Netflix and Chill in your college dorm room can be great, but sometimes you'll want to think outside the box to surprise your significant other with some unique date ideas. A picnic at passion puddle, going out to new restaurants or finding a place to simply walk around and talk that isn't as crowded as College Ave, you're bound to find your favorite date place at Rutgers! Like...

1. Visit Rutgers Gardens

Located on Cook, the Rutgers Garden is the school's botanic garden that is open all year for free. A collection of plants and natural habitats, it's a great place to walk around, take in the flowers, and even take some cute pictures.

2. Try a restaurant on Easton Ave

Anything is a date if you want it to be. Finding a new favorite spot on Easton Ave can be a fun activity and can either create a new weekend hotspot or at least a fond memory of how much you both hated your meals. There are plenty of places on Easton to call your own, from Stuff Yer Face to Hansel and Griddle, to Crepes and Cookies and even the Scarlet Pub. Date night can become a tasty fav here!

3. See the stars on Busch

The Astronomical Observatory on Busch has public nights on select Thursdays throughout the years. Make plans on Thursday to take a look at the stars and planets! It's a relaxing date that's certainly out of the ordinary.

4. Visit the Zimmerli Art Museum

On College Ave, the Zimmerli is open for free and holds different programs that focus on artists, time periods, or themes throughout the year. It's a great way to look at some amazing and diverse art while learning a bit and while having fun doing it. Plus, the first Tuesday of every month holds a special event with music, food, fun tours, and activities.

5. Go rock climbing on College Ave

Ever wanted to go on a rock climbing date? Well, now you can! Open to students, hang 20 feet above the ground and have some fun with 35 routes that change monthly across 2,200 square feet of wall!

6. See a play at the George Street Playhouse

For now, it's located on Cook until it's new playhouse is created on George Street. But buy cheap tickets here - don't worry, students get discounted tickets - for pretty much a Broadway play. Although it doesn't look like much, the George Street Playhouse puts on professional plays that can go above your expectations. These plays have won multiple awards and it wouldn't be a bad idea to check one out one week, or maybe you'll want to see every show throughout the semester!

7. Take a trip to to the Cook Douglas farm or Johnson Park

Go to the farm on Cook or Johnson ParkCows, pigs, sheep, and goats are just some of the animals you'll see here. With a simple date to the farm on Cook, you may even get a chance to see some baby animals, depending on the time of year. Your significant other's face will light up, because, who doesn't like baby animals!?

And if you're looking for more animal-related fun, Johnson Park across the Raritan is a nifty park with a little and simple zoo there. A nice place for a picnic as well.

8. See a movie on Livi

Although not the best seats, the Rutgers Cinema is a nice movie theater for you and your date to grab some salty and delicious popcorn and catch up on the latest movies that are out! Plus, student tickets are pretty affordable... so affordable you may be able to buy a slushie for you and your date, even with your college budget!

9. Hike through The Rutgers Ecological Preserve

This preserve is untouched and undeveloped and a great place for a hike through beautiful nature and even history. It's open to the public and holds several trails to hike through. Get your hiking sneakers, think of some conversation starters, and pick out your path.

10. Jump onto a train to New York

Not New Brunswick area, but fairly close. Hop on a train and head to New York for the day! It's only an hour away and the possibilities are endless, whether you want to go to museums, find the best pizza in New York, or walk through Central Park. Head over to the train station and hop on for your own adventure!

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