Dad Bods Vs. Six Packs
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Dad Bods Vs. Six Packs

An analysis on dating each type of man.

Dad Bods Vs. Six Packs

Women of this generation have faced many hard choices throughout life thus far concerning men: Edward or Jacob, Nick or Joe Jonas (because let's be honest, was Kevin ever a viable option?), Nate or Chuck, and now a whole new battle divides the woman population: dad bodies vs. six packs.

For those of you who are unaware of this new fad plaguing the bodies of twenty-something year old men, a dad body can be found as number six on a scale of one being washboard abs and ten being a full blown beer belly. A dad body isn't acquired over night, it comes from a certain lifestyle, one maintained by most frat boys whose diets consist of bud heavy and Chik-fil-A, and their cardio acquired from games of dodge beer.

Leading up to the emergence of the dad body fad, there was no question in the minds of females of what they looked for in the opposite sex: tan and chiseled. Now there is a new “hot," and many women are totally for the dad bod or totally against it, still chasing those with the body of hercules. However, there is more than just the physical appearance you are getting when you choose a certain type of guy; there are numerous other factors to consider and some may be deal breakers. Here are just a few to take a glance at.


Six pack: this will never be the guy you can order late night taco bell with but his strict diet of protein and veggies will inspire you maybe not to order bacon mac 'n cheese when dining out and opt for a salad instead… hello fit couple! And hey, maybe once a week you'll catch him eating a slice of pizza for his cheat meal.. talk about keeping you on your toes!

Dad bod: um hello food buddy! This dude will be equally or even more down for any food indulgences you're craving and won't make you feel guilty in the least. I mean looking over at him scarfing down a quarter pounder and large fries while you're eating a cheeseburger from the dollar menu will make you feel #skinny!


Six pack: Six packers are very conscious about everything they put into their body, including alcohol so unless it's a vodka water, odds are they won't be consuming it because of the “calories." To me this seems like a sad life to lead but hey, at least you'll have a man to always get your drunk butt home in one piece!

Dad bod: dad bod equals binge drinker; it's part of the lifestyle. They will drink pretty much anything and everything you put in front of them, probably never in a conventional way though. They'd rather funnel or shotgun a beer than drink it straight from the can and probably prefer drinking warm natty lights then putting down money for a new case of PBR. Dad bod will be the perfect beer pong buddy and will be down for anything involving booze!

Working out

Six pack: if you date this guy you will literally have your own personal trainer and nutritionist, so you'll look hot and save money, perks! You can finally take those cute fit couple pictures I always see on Instagram and make me depressed because they remind me of how out of shape I still am.

Dad bod: dad bod has no set workout routine, however they have to exercise just enough so they don't totally let themselves go. Since their fitness is below average you'll look like Jen Selter next to them at the gym with those ten squats you do while they walk at 3.0 on a low incline. You go Glen Coco!

All in all, both types of men have their own fan club and both are pulling chicks, so I give props to dad bod for being a solid competitor against the golden standard of man for the past few decades. Personally I was a sucker for the washboard abs for a while, but I think everyone enjoys a little more to love once in a while and I am openminded as most girls should be.

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