The Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game
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The Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game

Drinking just got cutthroat

The Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game

I started watching Food Network shows at a young age, but no cooking show has had quite the same effect on me as "Cutthroat Kitchen." After realizing that my roommate also has a deep love of this cooking competition show, we decided to do what any college student would naturally do when they love something: we turned it into a drinking game.


1. Choose a chef. If this person is eliminated, you must finish your drink, get a new one and pick another contestant. If your first pick wins, give someone a shot.

2. Take a drink if:

-You hate a contestant immediately.

-A contestant forgets a main ingredient in the pantry.

-Alton Brown laughs maniacally.

-Your contestant gets all of his or her cooking utensils taken away.

-Your contestant thanks another contestant for giving him or her a sabotage. (The thanker and the thanked must drink.)

-Your contestant deliberately sabotages another chef for revenge. (The revenger and the revengee must drink.)

-Your contestant says he or she is bidding just to drive up the price.

-A chef with no sabotages is eliminated.

-Your contestant creates a “deconstructed” version of the dish.

-Your contestant says “I make ______ dish all the time” or any variation of this. (Everyone drinks if the judge says this.)

-Your contestant makes up a false story related to their sabotage.

-Your contestant is forced to work together with another competitor.

3. Chug every time:

-A contestant starts off the bid at more than $3,000. (1 second for every thousand dollars.)

-A contestant says he or she is going to let the others battle it out in the auction. (Everyone chugs until the auction is over.)

-You hear the phrase “cold hard cash.” (2 seconds)

-Your contestant has zero sabotages in a round. (3 seconds)

-Your contestant spends over $10,000 on a single sabotage. (Finish your drink and grab a new one.)

4. Take a shot when:

-Someone actually gets caught in the pantry.

-Your contestant spends more than half of their money in the first round.

-Someone wins, but has less than $1,000 dollars left.

Thanks to Julie Lin and Nicole Witte of Spoon University for inspiring many of the rules of this drinking game.

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