11 Cute Outfit Ideas So You Don't Feel Lazy During Syllabus Week
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11 college outfit ideas So You Don't feel lazy during syllabus week

Looking cute and being comfortable has never been so easy.

11 college outfit ideas So You Don't feel lazy during syllabus week

Good ole syllabus week. The least stressful week of the semester. You know you're probably just going to end up wearing sweatpants every day for the rest of the semester, but this cushy first week is good for trying out your new, cute college outfit ideas. New semester, new you?

1. Statement Jewelry

Kim K had the right idea, dressing up a normal t-shirt and cardigan/jacket combo with some bold, oversized jewelry. Statement jewelry also works with collared shirts, dresses, overalls, or pretty much anything you can imagine! Necklaces, earrings, or rings are all easy additions to any cute college outfit idea!

2. The Crop Top

Just when you thought they were dying, the crop top trend continued! Taylor Swift kills a crop top with long overalls and heeled boots, but any plain crop top can look great with shorts, jeans, jackets, or pretty much anything in your closet.

3. The "Lampshade Look"

The traditional lampshade look involves a long dress or shirt with knee or thigh high boots, which can easily translate to an outfit idea for college students in and of itself, but if you want something a little more subtle, maybe just boots or sandals on the bottom? Show off that summer tan while it's still there!

4. Athleisure Look

All of your other outfits for the rest of the semester are probably going to be some variation of this anyway, so why not play up this outfit a bit while it's still trendy? Make it a look by putting your hair into space buns or by wearing cute sneakers.

5. The Laid-Back Professional

How easy is it to pull out a pair of slacks and a cute top? This look easily becomes a cute college outfit idea, as it flows seamlessly from class to work to a dinner date on a Friday night.

6. Statement Pants

A good pair of statement pants make for a variety of outfit ideas for college students. Statement pants look chic always, regardless of being paired with a black top and heels or with a crop top and sneakers!

7. Festival Chic

Even if you didn't hit up a music festival during the summer, these easy looks like a silk cami and a complementary fanny pack can style up your day and make you look like you tried way harder than you actually did.

8. Sweatpant Alternative

When you wear slim legged pants instead of oversized sweats, you look like you tried! Paired with a t-shirt and sneakers, you can be comfy and cozy in lecture while looking fun.

9. The Ripped Black Jean

A good pair of ripped black jeans is a staple for college. They can be paired with almost anything, including a sweatshirt or a giant tee, and you'll always look put together.

10. Bohemian Vibes

A good bohemian look is all in the shoes you pick to match your outfit. Combat boots can be a very fashionable option. Sticking to neutral colors like white and beige help you achieve those perfect goddess vibes.

11. Denim on Denim

Britney Spears did it first, but it can actually be a trendy look and not a total fashion disaster.

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