Things You Know if You're a "Criminal Minds" Addict

If you haven't binge-watched "Criminal Minds" on Netflix, you're seriously missing out. If you have, then you definitely understand these 7 things.

1. You start profiling every criminal you hear about on the news


They are probably insecure with a severe stutter.

2. You honestly would probably be a better detective than most cops


After all, you have watched 14 seasons of "Criminal Minds."

3. You're in love with Dr. Spencer Reid


Something about the nerd thing is really attractive, only on this show.

4. You're also in love with Derek Morgan


Because, look.

5. You want Derek and Penelope to get married


She flirts quite vigorously.

6. You think everyone you see is a criminal


Someone call the BAU. This guy looks suspicious.

7.  You have thoughts of changing your career path


The FBI seems cool. I wonder what the requirements are for that?

Maybe one day I will work for the BAU. After all, my experience in the field is extensive (all 14 seasons of "Criminal Minds").

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