Some people I know believe that a creative writing class is a waste of time, but in my opinion, taking a creative writing class is totally worth it. Thanks to a creative writing class, I have a huge idea of what my minor is going to be. Not only does this class fulfill a SAS core requirement, but this class also teaches you many things.

One thing for sure is that creative writing helps you with your speaking skills. In this class, you are allowed to voice out your ideas and opinions. What's great is that the teachers in creative writing are always open to new ideas and are happy to hear you out. By building up your speaking skills, you can easily step out from your comfort zone and make the whole class comfortable by allowing them a chance to jump in and express their opinions as well. This will definitely help make the class very fun and even make it an interactive experience for you and the whole class.

Another thing about a creative writing class is that you get inspiration from reading stories written by your own classmates. If you are very passionate about writing and if you are hoping to enhance your writing skills in order to write a best-selling novel one day, then this is the class for you. When you read other people's stories, you get to learn many writing techniques used by your classmates and see how you can implement their techniques into your writing style! But even if you are not a writer, this class will definitely help you with your essay writing by becoming more open-minded. Being open-minded allows you to overcome writer's blocks and develop more ideas as you write out your essays. In addition, a creative writing class helps you think of your audience.

Believe it or not, you will have a better idea of your classmates are like. Looking through the stories they write, you get to know what genre they are into and what themes they like to convey. This way, you get to connect with the audience more. By knowing your audience, this can become an effective and useful tool when you are developing your story for the class to read and also in the future when you are doing marketing or any career related to business.

So if you're looking for one more class to squeeze in, please take a creative writing class. It will definitely be worthwhile.