Creative Date Ideas
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Creative Date Ideas

Creative Date Ideas

Date night -- A simple, yet important component to most relationships that varies in degree from couple to couple.
How often do you go on dates? I mean real dates. Not just the usual "Netflix and chill" or whatever the kids are saying these days.

Although the cliche walk on the beach, movie night, or glass of wine never gets old, it is important to keep things spontaneous in relationships.
Sure, everyone remembers the butterflies they felt at the beginning of a relationship -- the excitement of knowing you get to spend time with someone later in the day and the anticipation it brought.
And, though it is natural for those butterflies to flutter a little less further into a relationship, there is no reason to become lackadaisical in your efforts. There are always ways to keep things fun and interesting.

I've had my fair share of date nights that entail getting all dolled up, getting dinner, and a drink or two, but I'm learning that dates don't always have to be so predictable.
My husband and I recently made an agreement. Earlier in the day, I told him I wanted to go on a date with him that evening, but wanted to switch things up. I suggested that we both think of three out-of-the-box date ideas throughout our days and when we got home, we'd write them down, fold them, and blindly pick our choice.
It ended up being so much fun! Just the anticipation of that evening made me so excited and the not knowing what we were going to do was fun for us both.

We ended up coming with some fun ideas that I think other couples may enjoy, so here you go!

1. Play Dress Up

I know, it sounds silly, but hear me out. I've always been a huge fan of shopping at thrift stores and somehow got lucky enough to marry someone who enjoys it equally as much.

The two of you find a local thrift store in town and, upon arrival, part ways to find an entire ensemble to dress your partner in. After checking out, you meet in the parking lot to exchange the outfits you bought each other then change into them for dinner.
It won't break the bank, it's guaranteed to put both of your creativity to the test, you will learn what your partner thinks looks cool on you, and it's sure to get a few laughs out of you. And if there's one thing that always makes for a great date, its laughter.

2. Take a Brewery Tour

My husband loves craft beer. Though I am more of a wine gal myself, aren't relationships about give and take? And what date could possibly be more foolproof than becoming educated on something new and tasting beers in the process?
Most towns offer brewery tours -- just call microbreweries near you to get started.

3. Buy a Book Together

My uncle used to be a marriage counselor and he told me that, regardless of the issue, the number one advice he gave to struggling couples was to go to a book store and agree on a book to read then to read it aloud together.
Firstly, chances are that the two of you would pick different books and you would have to compromise. Coming to an agreement on something and finding a common interest would be a bonding experience, and according to this article on, reading aloud to your partners will increase intimacy and emotional closeness.

4. Go on a Short Road Trip

Because what is better than seeing and experiencing new things together?
Map out a place that's an hour or so away where you both haven't spent much time -- and just go! There is something so liberating about leaving the monotony behind even if only for a few hours.

5. Work on a DIY Project Together

With things like Pinterest at our fingertips, there's something out there for everyone to get interested in. When my husband and I first started dating, he took me back to his garage and he showed me how to make record bowls. It was a simple gesture, but something I will always remember fondly.
Find a project you both think looks fun. You'll get the satisfaction of knowing you created something with the person you love and it will always serve as a memory from that day.

I could continue, but the list would go on and on.
Next time you and your loved one decide to go on a date, get creative with it! I promise you'll be glad you did.

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