Crazy Stories From Working With Children
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I Asked 13 People Who Work With Kids Their Craziest Stories, Grab The Popcorn You'll Be Crying of Laughter

"Wow, Gaston is a d*ck"


If you ask any teenager what their first job was or what they did to make some cash, it was babysitting or some sort of working with kids. Everyone needs someone to watch their kids. I asked some of my friends that work with kids during the summer or they nanny every day. From summer camp to babysitting once a week, kids will be kids and they are always going to be interesting.

1. "It was movie time and we were watching the animated Beauty and the Beast..."

"It was toward the end of the movie when Gaston is sending the villagers to go kill the beast. Above the song and action, one of my kids going into 1st grade says loud enough for the counselors to hear, "Wow, Gaston is a d*ck." We all looked shocked and one of the counselors dealt with him. I, on the other hand, sat in the corner and tried my best to not laugh. I mean he's not wrong." -Meghan

2. "A couple years ago, I was babysitting for one of my neighbor's kids, he was about 4-5 at the time..."

"Everything was going pretty good until he got mad at me for something. So he stormed off to his room, got a knife he had I guess and started chasing me around the house with it when I finally got the knife from him, he went and found a baseball bat and started chasing me around with that trying to hit me, but his mom finally came home before he could literally kill me and I never babysat for them again." -Morgan

3. "I work children's retail and this happened last summer..."

"I had a child pull his pants down so he could press it against the mirror. Then he said 'this feels so good' and his mom ran over to him to say no. Neither acknowledged it to me despite the fact I had been ringing them up." -Anonymous

4. "Once when I was volunteering in the baby room for a class, I was feeding a baby her bottle when I had realized that she had explosive diarrhea..."

"This not only seeped through her diaper but onto my pants. I had a ginormous green stain all over my right thigh. There was no way I was about to go back to school with baby poop all over my leg! One of the coworkers agreed to let me drive her vehicle to back to the school to get my keys so I could change my pants. Walking through school with baby poop on my leg was embarrassing enough. I got my clean clothes after trying to explain the situation to the ladies in the front office. Needless to say, I avoided the baby room at work for quite some time after that." -Hannah

5. "We were on a field trip to the petting zoo..."

"One of the students in my group, I kid you not, looked one of the petting zoo goats straight in the face, paused, and then proceeded to slap it square across the face. When I asked him why he did it, he said, 'I don't know, it just felt right." -Hannah

6. "We were on the bus on our way back to summer camp..."

"One of my kids asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Considering I have a pretty boring major for a 1st grader, I didn't give a lot of details. My kid told me he wanted to be a YouTube star. He was going to write his own music. He proceeded to sing 2 of his songs. I didn't hear much considering I was on a school bus. The little girl sitting next to me wasn't amused though. She told him it wasn't good. I did my best to not laugh." -Anonomyous

7. "One of the students in my class parent's was going to have a baby..."

"I would ask the student if she was excited for her little sister. I asked her what her mom was going to name her and she says, 'no one knows.' I figured that the parents probably hadn't come up with a name and I didn't think much about it. After the baby was born, I would ask the student what her little sister's name was. She still gave me the same answer, 'no one knows.' This has been going on for years now. The 'baby' is now 3 years old and according to her older sister, she doesn't have a name." -Hannah

8. "Teaching a kid how to ride is all fun and games until..."

"You accidentally let go at the wrong time and the kid goes crashing into the fence." - Anonymous

9. "I let two little girls play with my hair..."

"They knotted my hair up so bad that I couldn't get it detangled and ended up having to cut my hair." -Hannah

10. "I work with 5th graders and at that age, they start to think about relationships..."

"My male coworker and I talk during work, mainly because he is dating my best friend and I knew him before work started. As camp has gone on, rumors have gone around that this male coworker and I are dating. I would explain that no, we are not. We are just friends. I would never reveal her identity or give much information only because his girlfriend and my best friend work at the same summer camp. One day, I got asked 5 times within a half hour that we were dating. I finally had my best friend introduce herself to the girls that started this rumor. They gave them a ship name and everything. But still to this day, they think we are still dating." -Kendyl

11. "This girl had used the bathroom during swim time..."

"After 5 minutes, I smell some sort of odor coming from the bathroom. I look in and see brown spots all over the ground, toilet, and the sink. I immediately called maintenance and the camp director." -Sydney

12. "I took a little boy to the bathroom during reading time..."

"While waiting for him, he comes out of the bathroom with wet spots all over him. I asked him what happened. He said he couldn't reach. I was really confused. I thought he meant the sink. As I help him to reach the kitchen sink, I get a whiff of his soaked shirt. Sure enough, it was not water, but urine. He couldn't reach the urinal because he was so small. I took him to the nurse to get him a new pair of clothes. I used Germ-x and washed my hands at least another 5 times that day. -Anonymous

13. "So I work with kindergartners and as you can imagine, that's a pretty big job..."

"At the end of the day, I was talking to two kids who would not share the dinosaur toys. I told them to work it out. As this is happening, another kindergartner comes up to me who is playing restaurant. He asks what I want for drink. I play along and say water. He hands me the cup of imaginary water. I hear the kids who are still arguing about the dinosaurs. I turn around and say, 'Well I guess it's mine now.' I turn around flustered enough that I sip my imaginary water. Once I realized what I did, another counselor saw the whole thing go down and we both had a great laugh. It's not a crazy kid story but you should know that counselors have it rough too." -Anonymous

Well, there you have it. Kids will be kids. They are a great source of entertainment. It's crazy to think that we were once that young and saying crazy things. To all you teachers, childcare workers, parents, summer camp counselors and nannies, you should write a book.

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