Count Your Blessings And Spread Positivity

Count Your Blessings And Spread Positivity

How can you improve the quality of your life?

We’ve all been there, complaining to our friends and family, classmates and acquaintances, in person or online. Whether it is about school, work, family members or significant others, you are always finding a reason to complain. Then you start to feel miserable because you get so lost in what you don’t have, that you forget what you do have.

To not get stuck in the endless circle of complaints, there has to be a change. Specifically, a change in your outlook on life. For example, online you always see people posting memes about how “single” they are. It is usually a picture of a text or even Kermit the frog making a joke about being “forever alone.” While these are harmless memes, along with posting relationship quotes (and I’ve been there), you end up looking desperate and sad.

Venting online can be very tempting, and we really have all done it in today’s generation. Some of us have no filters. But the safest way to not look bad is venting literally anywhere BUT online. Then, going back to that “issue” of being “single forever” has to stop. Life isn’t all about having significant others to lean on. Yes, it is nice to have someone, but in your late teens and early twenties, thirties, or maybe even later, you can manage without a relationship.

Now, instead of focusing on the imaginary significant other you don’t have, focus on the people who genuinely care for you and wish the best for you. For example, your parents, your friends, best friends, extended family. Even the people who just simply wish you well and are interested in your social media accounts. No, social media is not the way to count your blessings, but it is always nice to see that people are interested in your life even though you are not a celebrity.

Also, don’t forget about your teachers, professors, and mentors who have helped and are helping you create your future and be more involved in your goals. So right now, you could be sitting and thinking “Oh I have no one” and slip into an unnecessary depression, or you can think “Wow, many people want me to do well and care about my future. I should put more effort into reaching my goals.”

If something is genuinely making you feel unhappy, the suggestion would be to find a way out of it. Maybe it’s a really negative friend, and you can have a discussion with them about how negatively they are rubbing off on you. Now, if they are willing to change their ways, you can continue to have contact with them, and if not, learn to distance yourself from people and situations that do not help you.

Another unideal situation would be if you are low on funds. All of a sudden, you find that you have to cut down on what you spend on besides necessary things. You can’t get your nails or hair done, but you can buy lunch if you have nothing at home. You can easily, in this situation, get down on the fact you don’t have many luxuries anymore, or you can take this time to figure out what is necessary to spend on and what you can do yourself. Sure your nails and hair CAN be professionally done, but YOU can do it yourself. That’ll help you feel more independent as well.

You can take a low-funds situation and make it into learning how to do things yourself besides grooming yourself. You can cook instead of eat out. Find a fun new recipe and get excited! This is good practice for when you eventually move out and live alone. There’s a silver lining to everything.

Lastly, it’s the end of the semester. You’ve got several papers and tests and you are feeling overwhelmed, but GUESS WHAT, you made it through another semester! You did all the work up until now and you WILL finish! Cheer on your friends who are having doubts about finishing the semester. SPREAD POSITIVITY, STOP COMPLAINING, AND BREATHE! Only you are in control of how you respond to a situation!

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Becoming a better photographer: b&w composition

A guide on how and when to use Black and White composition


Color in photography can elevate it from mediocre to professional. It can draw in viewers, set a tone of a photo, accentuate the form of a subject, and display the skill of a photographer. We see the world in color. Color photography and film, upon their inception, were heralded as vast improvements, and "black and white" can connote a limited, prejudiced worldview.

Given all of this, why would anyone choose to seemingly reduce a photo to something less, something without color?

Despite all the seeming drawbacks of B&W; photography, it does have advantages, although these can be situational.


Sharpness, contrast, exposure, clarity can be pushed further than they could be with color photographs without looking misplaced or odd.

Helps to compensate for when a photo doesn't have much color, or if boosting the saturation would make it look unnatural.

Shapes and lines are much easier to follow.

Simplifies a composition, giving a viewer fewer things to distract them from what you want them to see.


No color means that the composition should be a source of any emotions/feelings that color would normally convey.

Things that are similarly exposed but different colors may become indistinguishable from one another.

This photograph was actually slightly overexposed, but by using B&W;, extremes can be used effectively to balance it out. The texture of the wood grain and rope are much easier to see and don't look out of place because there isn't any color to distract from their roughness.

The lack of color in the picture originally is what prompted me to switch to B&W;, but it still is a good example of how a lack of color can highlight lines and shape. The separation between light and shadow becomes sharp and distinct.

Black and white can sometimes reveal the true potential of a photo. The sandy color of the cobblestones didn't mix well with the overcast day and brown, muddy water, but by removing the color and boosting the sharpness and contrast, the texture of the cobblestones pops out, and you look more at how they're stacked and how the reflection shows small ripples in the water. Details that would be overlooked otherwise. If you're editing a photo, and it just doesn't seem right, try switching it into B&W.;

Bad examples can oftentimes be more informative than good ones, and mistakes give you an opportunity to reflect and improve. This photo relies on color for its depth, and without color, it becomes flat and busy. Nothing other than color highlights the roses, so without it, they blend into the leaves. For this example, all I did was desaturate the original. It's entirely possible that through more intensive editing, a good black and white photo could be created from the original.

These examples are two separate edits of the same original photo, and in my opinion, are both acceptable. In the first, the colors blend and combine in an interesting way, and although it does lessen your attention on the fare, that's not necessarily a bad thing if you didn't want him to be the complete and utter subject of the photo. In the second, the outline around the man is darker, so he stands out more against a flatter cab window and side.

Cover Image Credit:

Finn Baroidan

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