Coughs of a Skipping Record
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Coughs of a Skipping Record

Literary steps illustrating the breakthrough of systemic patterns, long engrained in the wiring of a persona.

Coughs of a Skipping Record
Photo by Kontirio.

Compromised naught of identity

the moment I slipped to vulnerability

from my mislead mother's womb

to fields hungry and foolish.

Birth may be a process of

incubation to an event

yet the clock calls it eons,

what strife it's taken to unfurl

conditions from my umbilical cord.

Sideways perception of what's "my own"

I've chosen to claim a space in the Void;

pumping blood through my organs

ensures that choice feels glorious

merely half of the time.

A forked path ahead clears

and I hear ancient voices

mantras my theology comes unequipped to translate

comforts of twilight serenade my ears.

Sometimes I think that my

mind was an illy implanted entity

whose language my robotic body

is still reeling to decode.

So I'll continue to record

every twisted charge of discord

with a slowly expanding vocabulary

until I find

where my truths lie.

I will wait for the dawn I dream

where my feet don't fall asleep under me

and my arms stay on key.

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