Thoughts Every Cosplayer Has Before A Convention
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Thoughts Every Cosplayer Has Before A Convention (A.K.A. “AHHHHHHH--”)

"I wanna die."

Thoughts Every Cosplayer Has Before A Convention (A.K.A. “AHHHHHHH--”)
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The week before a convention is always the most stressful shit in the world: your bootslips aren't finished, those colored contact lenses haven't passed through customs, and your mask still smells like fifty oil factories even though it has been off-gassing for what feels like weeks. There's no way you're going to finish on time...with that attitude.

“Nothing is ready on time!”

Many cosplays are stupidly intricate, so if you're a perfectionist, some can take months to perfect. Some parts may not have been sewn correctly, or you think that there's no way to make a massive hammer out of cardboard in two days. Unsurprisingly, it's not the end of the world if something doesn't get done in time! The embroidery doesn't need to be identical to the show, nor does the gold on the helmet need to be made from actual gold leaf. This is supposed to be fun, so don't stress too much about things outside of your control.

“No one is going to know who I am if this isn’t perfect!”

Um, not true?! Dressing up as your favorite character is for you! If another person recognizes you and loves your vision, then that's all the better, but if your costume makes you happy, then that's the goal. Plus, if they ask who you are, you can explain and share your interests -- maybe you'll drag someone else into your fandom void!

“This isn’t gonna transport.”

You're...probably right about that. I mean, it's a full suit of armor and you drive a Fiat. Why didn't you think about this in advance?? Time to call a friend of a friend to see if they'll drive two hours both ways with their trunk full of spray painted foam and PVC piping.

“When do I have to wake up for this thing?!”


“Ticket prices are UNGODLY.”

$85 is a hard pill to swallow, not to mention that all the merchandise and pieces of art you'll be purchasing at booths is going to render your wallet completely empty. If this is your splurge for the year, bad can it be?


Cosplaying is scorned by some and praised by many others for the creativity and dedication of fans (some people just think cosplayers are nuts, but to each their own). Walking through a city center in a crazy-intricate get up from an obscure anime is likely to get quite a few looks, so being nervous is completely justified.

With that being said, putting your all into imitating an inspiring character from a beloved story should be celebrated, not criticized. You're brave!

"I’m forgetting something. I know I’m forgetting something. I forgot what I’m forgetting.”

Yeah, you probably left your wig on the table 3 hours away. It's gone forever, and there's no point in crying over forgotten supplies. With that being said, I'd highly recommend putting together a list to double and triple check the night before you head off so there's no room for error. Better yet, clean up your house and make sure you have a special cosplay corner with all your supplies (there's less of a chance you'll forget your bobby pins if they're all in the same area).

"Is this worth it?”

Yes. It absolutely is.

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