The Possibilities Are Endless: 'Constellations' At Rollins
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The Possibilities Are Endless: 'Constellations' At Rollins

I laughed, I cried, I explored the multiverse.

The Possibilities Are Endless: 'Constellations' At Rollins

At the black-box Fred Stone Theatre at Rollins College on Thursday, I had the privilege of watching Constellations, directed by Kathleen Capdesuñer, ’17. The play by Nick Payne touches on the various scenarios that exist in that great realm of potential we call the universe. By showing the developing relationship between scientist Marianne and beekeeper Roland, Constellations takes the theory of parallel universes and runs with it. It’s fascinating.

From the get-go, there are multiple versions of each scene. When Roland and Marianne meet, Marianne is bold and flirty, while Roland is reserved… and engaged. When the scene resets and they meet again, he’s got a girlfriend. This plays out again and again, the characters’ emotional circumstances changed each time, until finally, Roland is single and the two decide to go on a date. Then, the blue lights flicker gold, they return from the date and the endless possibilities of that are explored, too. This goes on and on with all the phases of their relationship. Brianna Barrett as Marianne and Casey Casteel as Roland do an outstanding job of staying in character while portraying the range of emotions that Marianne and Roland experience depending on what does or doesn’t happen in their relationship with the other.

Roland is a beekeeper, and it shows, from his cozy personality to the honey-colored lights when the scene is focused on him. Marianne is a scientist, and her view of the universe colors the show as well, literally and figuratively. The show is guided by her blue light. Marianne explains to Roland that everything we as humans could ever do already exists somewhere, so long as it’s a possibility. “There’s an arrow from past to present, but that’s all we can say, really. Asymmetrical.”

Behind the two actors are groups of pictures that look like they’re in the midst of exploding—little universes, microcosms, and similar ones hang over the stage. On either side of the stage are blue chalkboards with “I Love You” written in various languages all over them. Worlds of possibilities, in love and in life. Universes of possibilities.

It’s truly a rollercoaster, and a fun one—the level of acting nuance that necessary for the performance was impressive. Barrett and Casteel displayed strength in dealing with the difficult topics explored by the play, such as domestic violence and cancer. The intensity of emotion they use is easily seen, due to the intimate black box venue. The same goes for the lovely details of their costumes, from Marianne’s electric, blue velvet shoes to the comfortable, beekeeper-esque feel of Roland’s button-up shirt. Thanks to the great work on the part of the director, the actors, the set and lighting designer, and the rest of the crew, audiences are able to see the beautiful falling-together—or falling-apart—of, as Marianne puts it, two particles floating through space and living their lives.

You only have two more chances to see this well-crafted show by Rollins Players: today at 2pm and 8pm. As someone who loves bees, romance, and parallel universes, I highly recommend.

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