I'm A Conservative Christian But I Don't Hate You
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I'm A Conservative Christian But I Don't Hate You

How the media misconstrues the image of Christ-followers.

I'm A Conservative Christian But I Don't Hate You

I see it all the time: "Christians only hate everyone and tell them to go to hell!" If a Christian even somewhat shares their religious beliefs in a comment on Facebook, the comment is met with hateful backlash and unnecessary jabs. As a Christian woman with conservative values, let me tell you right now that I DON'T hate you.

I don't hate you for being gay. I fully acknowledge that not everyone has a choice in that matter. I understand that only a rare few choose it and those few usually don't stick to it for very long. Am I in full support of the LGBT movements? No, I can't say I am. However, my views upon such matters doesn't hinder me from loving each individual person (gay, straight, bi, trans, whatever) for their spirit. I won't judge you regardless of my religious or political views. I will openly accept you because I know that I'm way more flawed than you can imagine. I'm not one to judge.

To those of other religions (or those who lack religion): I don't hate you either. I don't believe every Muslim is a terrorist, nor do I believe every Atheist is hateful. In fact, religious affiliations aren't even remotely how I choose friends. More often than not, I feel as if the Christian community shuns one another and I would rather be friends with those who don't share my views. I have some great Christian friends, but I'm friends with them only because of their kindness and loyalty. That's what I look for from you as well. I don't look for you to wear a cross around your neck or to carry around a Bible everywhere you go. I like you for being a kind, generous, loyal human being.

For those who argue that all conservatives don't believe in global warming: Well, let's just say I'm an Independent and not a Republican. But even so, I believe in global warming and I'm an animal rights activist. I believe in the welfare of all creatures (okay, except maybe eels because they terrify me) and therefore I believe that we must take precaution when facing the idea of global warming. I believe in turning trash into compost to lessen the emission of greenhouse gases. I fully support the vegan movement (even though I'm not disciplined enough to be vegan). When you say that my religion or political stance hinders my understanding of science, know that I do believe in science. However, I believe in science as I also believe in God.

I'm a conservative Christian. My stances may look different from yours, but I won't dare shun you. Please don't look at me and assume the worst because you've faced the worst. It's not just those outside of the faith that face persecution from radical religious folks. I've faced it too. And it's because of it that I can look at you and say, "You are wonderful; you have purpose; God has a plan for you whether you believe in Him or not." I may be a conservative Christian, but I don't hate you.

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