College is tough. Here are some cute hedgehogs the relate to our student lifestyle.

1. Most important rule of college; coffee is life.

2. When your alarm goes off for your 8 a.m.

3. Them: "Join us for *insert student club here*!"

Me: "Nah I'm good."

Them: "But we have free food!"

4. When you realize how much weight you've gained from all of that free food.

5. Then you try to work off all of that college weight.

6. Hiding from your responsibilities like:

7. Making long campus treks in the winter.

8. When you've finally found your forever friend.

9. When you're exhausted and starving at the same time.

10. Professor: "The final is cumulative."

11. When you get a good grade on a test you didn't study for.

12. When it's FINALLY break time!

Hope these little guys made your college blues fade at least a little.