What I Have Learned From Sleep Deprivation In College
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What I Have Learned From Sleep Deprivation In College

Shockingly, there are some positives.

What I Have Learned From Sleep Deprivation In College
Kevin Grieve

I am laughing while typing this because it sounds so vulgar, but it is so true. There is actually so much I have learned about myself from missing constant nights of sleep, and here's why.

I entered Syracuse University as a Freshman, understanding that there were many high school nights where I would miss nights of sleep in order to get through the intense assignments I had from the numerous courses I was talking. Although, after entering college, my sleep schedule somehow became worse.

Entering college, I knew I would have a minor, so because of this, I stacked numerous classes onto my schedule so there would be no doubt I would be able to minor in the future. As I am currently a second-semester Sophomore, I have kept this insane schedule since I entered Syracuse University—and luckily I did. With the minor now on my schedule, I decided I would also get a Milestone distinction, so the amount of credits I have forced myself to take throughout these past few years has definitely deprived my sleep schedule immensely.

During these past few years at Syracuse University, I have been running back and forth from The Warehouse in Downtown Syracuse to the main campus in order to make it to all of my classes as a Fashion Design major, Public Communications minor, and with my Milestone distinction. It always seems crazy to me until it comes to finals week, and that's when it really, really seems crazy.

Finals week is when these all-nighters at The Warehouse turn into consecutive all-nighters and become a large part of my schedule. The Dunkin' employees know me on a name-basis, and they see my face so constantly that jokes are constantly made between us each morning. I love the friendship I have kindled with the people at the coffee shops I go to, but oh my—my exhaustion does not. When the amount of coffee I consume has become crucial to me being awake at any point in the day, that is when I begin to question why I do this to myself.

Although, somehow with the sleep deprivation that has come along with my college experience—it is all still so worth it. Being able to see my vision come to life in the garments I design at The Warehouse is the more rewarding thing—and it becomes even more rewarding knowing that I am accomplishing these designs while being involved with many other things on campus.

Sleep is important but I am learning that when I am passionate about something, I will push myself to get there— even under the circumstance of getting very little sleep. As I am in the midst of this period of sleep deprivation, my favorite Dunkin' employees will definitely see me a few times tomorrow.

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