I think the cold was the last sign I needed. The only thing worse than being out, intoxicated and dressed to the 9's, is the fact that I'm also freezing. Yup, that's it, I'm done. I tried convincing myself long enough that I like to party. I've gone out, I've gotten sick, I've done the whole sha-bang. And believe me, I have tried.

I used to love going out. In high school, it was what we did, you know? I think I used to enjoy it because I knew I wasn't supposed to be doing it. But of course, now that I am of legal age and I'm allowed to go out all I want, the excitement isn't there. What gets me excited rather is the idea of a relaxing night at home, with no social responsibilities and whatsoever.

All those memes about making plans and then regretting it when the time comes...yeah that's me.

I can't even tell you how many times I've had to talk myself into going out. It's exhausting. And honestly, whenever I do go out, I usually regret it. The only thing worse than getting all dolled up to go out into the cold is knowing that in a few short (and by short, I mean draggingly long) hours, you get to go home and spend 15 minutes taking all that eye makeup off. I love makeup, it gives me confidence and makes me feel pretty. But, I DO NOT enjoy leaning over the bathroom sink as I struggle with facewash in my eyes and water rolling down my arms, getting my clothes wet. Ew, gross there's actually nothing worse.

Maybe if I was single pringle, I'd be more willing to mingle. But I'm not. Happily taken, I have no need to get cute unless it's for myself. LADIES: do it for you! Even if you aren't tied down to a single specimen, don't feel like you must cake and bake your face with makeup. Only put on that super hot dress and those bomb ass heels if YOU want to.

I do what I want all the time. I've gone out a couple times in the New Year, and I can honestly say that's enough until 2020. Oh also, I hosted a party a couple weeks ago, does that count? I still had to look presentable and be social. Last night, my boyfriend and I were supposed to go to some party he was invited to. When he told me an hour before we were supposed to leave that he didn't feel up to going out, I was back in my pajamas so quick you wouldn't have known I was almost ready to go. We ended up watching a documentary on Netflix about Cat Shows (yeah, no...not dog shows...cat shows). That was the best Saturday night I've had in a while.

Maybe when I'm older, when partying is no longer cool or appropriate for my age, I'll enjoy it again. That would only make sense that once it's no longer popular, I'd like it.

If you feel even remotely similar, you're not alone. Partying and going out is cool, but have you ever tried carne asada fries on a Friday night with Netflix and a blanket, because I'd highly recommend it.