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7 Things I Thought I needed in college but NEVER used

You won't wear all of your clothes, I promise.

7 Things I Thought I needed in college but NEVER used

I remember packing for college being extremely stressful because I was attempting to prepare for every hypothetical situation.

I had no idea what I would want to wear, how my room would end up looking, or what I would want to do in my free time, so I packed for each possibility so as not to forget anything.

As it turns out, I didn't end up using a lot of the items that I thought were going to be essential.

1. Most of my books

Fun fact: college students don't have a lot of free time for light reading. In my defense, when I did need to read something, I had a lovely range of options.

2. Honestly, my textbooks too

Professors tend to assign a lot of "required reading" that doesn't actually end up impacting the material on the tests. I ended up mainly studying my notes and hardly glancing at the textbooks in classes like these.

3. The sweaters that I didn't like but brought anyway because I thought I'd wear them

I did not wear them. Most likely because I did not like them. No one is surprised.

4. Actually, most of my clothes

I ended up wearing two pairs of jeans and about three sweatshirts regularly. Most other things in my closet were, sadly, neglected.

5. The vast majority of the school supplies I bought

I didn't need the binders, hole puncher, notecards, colored pencils… I could go on. My classes generally only required a laptop, a notebook, and a pen.

6. Throw pillows

Don't get me wrong, they looked fabulous for the first week.

But sometime around week two I stopped making my bed and my cute throw pillows started living on the floor.

7. A clock

I was certain that I'd need a clock to keep by my bed, but in reality, I just used my phone to check the time and set alarms. Now I have an unplugged digital clock that just sits on top of my drawers.

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