If College Majors Were Thanksgiving Foods
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If College Majors Were Thanksgiving Foods

Curious to know what dish your friends are bringing to Friendsgiving? Read this list to see.

If College Majors Were Thanksgiving Foods

Scary pumpkin season just ended and while I'm sad that my favorite holiday is gone this year, that means that the next best holiday is right around the corner. That's right! It's Turkey Season!

It's Joeyhttps://media.giphy.com/media/oo0WKiFdrKrIc/giphy.gif

I hope your stomachs are all empty and hungry for a yummy feast with your educated friends and their delicious dishes.

Turkey- Pre-Med/Forensic Science Majors



Who else are we supposed to trust with anatomy? Let's leave the carving to the professionals.




The great thing about stuffing is that everyone's stuffing is unique; it has unique flavors and has a little bit of everything. Language majors are certainly comparable because languages are mixed with a little bit of every culture.

Gravy- Art/Music Majors

Gravy boat


We listen to music on the daily, appreciate graphics, and stare in awe at Art. Just like Arts & Music majors, Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without a huge bowl of luscious gravy at the table. Whether it be turkey, mashed potatoes, or biscuits, gravy is the best sauce.

Cranberry Sauce- Science Majors

cranberry sauce


How the heck does it stay in the same shape during the WHOLE of Thanksgiving? Science side of Odyssey, explain!

Green bean casserole- Communications

green bean casserole


Simple, easy to make, and delicious. While communications is often overlooked as the "easy major",

Mashed potatoes- Business



I feel like mashed potatoes are a hugely underrated Thanksgiving dish, but they can go with pretty much everything and anything. Just like business majors have multiple components to the major (accounting, entrepreneurship, management, etc.), mashed potatoes can have multiple components added to them like bacon bits (yum!).

Corn bread- Accounting 

Corn bread is one of those foods were you either love it or hate it.

Bread rolls- Political Science Majors

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