If College Majors Were The Cast Of 'The Office'
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If College Majors Were The Cast Of 'The Office'

Here's what some of our favorite characters would major in, if attending your local college.

If College Majors Were The Cast Of 'The Office'
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Let’s be honest, most of us have seen “The Office.” Within a series, every character carries a stereotype. Throughout the series, this particular set of characters carry the personality traits of not only some of us but match up perfectly with some of the general majors one would find at your local college.

1. Michael Scott- Theater

With Michael's sense of humor, love for becoming multiple characters and charisma, he is obviously our beloved theater major. He even did his improv classes...so that's a start, right? Just make sure he doesn't have a "gun."

2. Dwight Schrute- Agriculture

Though I could peg Dwight Schrute as a History major as well, we all know that Dwight is very knowledgeable when it comes to plants and taking care of your land. He even runs a relatively successful beet farm with his cousin, Mose, which also at one point, becomes a bed and breakfast.

3. Jim Halpert- Journalism

Let's admit that Jim Halpert has the ability to get on the good sides of pretty much anyone he meets. As a Journalism major, you obviously have to contain the personable traits that Jim carries in order to be successful in your career.

4. Pam Beesly- Art

Pam Beesly has some amazing skills and a passion for the arts. Whether it be graphic design, or even sketches and other drawings, we can say that Beesly has a gifted hand. I mean, let's never forget the drawing of Dunder Mifflin she drew that Michael bought at her art show, which hangs in the lobby for the remainder of the series.

5. Ryan Howard- Business

Ryan always tries to have the up-and-up on all our small business needs. From starting a social networking site to even his attempt at working corporate, which did, unfortunately, crash and burn. As a business major, you have the know-hows of what professionally goes on in the world, and Ryan has this potential. I mean, he did attend business school...

6. Creed Bratton- The Undecided Major

Though he does have the ability to somehow dodge his way out of many situations, particularly legal ones, Creed is always living life on a whim. There are many times where his character seems there but doesn't exactly know why, or the end goal. As an undecided major, we know college is important, but we're just not exactly sure what we want to do with the rest of our lives, which according to Creed, is perfectly fine.

7. Meredith Palmer- The College Dropout

For some, the college life isn't the life for us. We may start out and just simply not like it, or we just party too hard. For Meredith, she finds her success in her partying than actually finishing out her college degree.

8. Angela Martin- Accounting

Angela Martin has always been organized, and on many occasions, uptight and very set in her ways. She goes from the books, on a majority of her work, which, when it comes to accounting, is obviously one of the top skills you should have.

9. Oscar Martinez- Mathematics

Though this does seem like a given because Oscar's character is an accountant, he always seemed to have a way with numbers. Always helping others with their mathematical needs, he always has the answers. He even crunched some numbers with Michael on his expenses...which was kind of awful, on Michael's end of course.

10. Kevin Malone- Culinary Arts

Kevin has a passion for food. Whether it be M&Ms or his famous chili, which unfortunately had a run in with the floor, he sure does know his way around the kitchen. In the field of Culinary Arts, a passion for food is a must, and this is shown through Kevin.

11. Stanley Hudson- Pre-Law

Stanley is a no-nonsense man, did I stutter? As a lawyer, the skill to have a real mind and the ability to speak it when needed is a make or break in this field. Though mostly to himself, through his moments in the show, he shows these traits.

12. Phyllis Vance- Education

Phyllis, sweet, kind, Phyllis. How can she not be the education major? She has the patience of a saint and a motherly personality. We all have no idea how she puts up with what she does! Phyllis does have her moments where she can get firm. As a teacher, when dealing with rowdy students, the occasional strictness and patience is a must!

13. Andy Bernard- Music

From his acapella days at Cornell to his playing of instruments, Andy Bernard sure does have a passion for music. His upbeat personality and the quirkiness of his character match many of the traits as one who specializes in music.

14. Erin Hannon- Animal Sciences

How can you not picture Erin as a Veterinarian?! She is kind, passionate and has a soft side for many. She also is always caring about everyone’s well being at all times.

15. Holly Flax- Social Work

Though Holly may share the same wacky sense of humor as our favorite manager, Michael Scott, Holly Flax has her moments where she shows passion for her position in Human Resources at Dunder Mifflin. She has the ability to do what is needed but has the compassion for the well-being of those around her.

16. Toby Flenderson- Psychology

If you haven't already seen this coming, how can you not?! Toby is always curious about what those around him are thinking and the way people interact. One particular moment that shows this trait, is his fascination with the Scranton Strangler. Toby tries to figure out his motive, and even goes to visit him in prison...how does this not speak as one who wants to know how the mind works?!

17. Kelly Kapoor- Public Relations

Kelly loves being around people. Kelly loves to talk. We all know her social life and to be involved in everything is what makes this woman tick. As someone who is studying Public Relations, you obviously have to contain the passion for being around others, and for interacting with them.

18. Darrell Philbin- Communications

Darrell is obviously a Communications man. He’s good with people, advertises his many skills and is able to deliver to the needs of many. Within this field, Darrell would obviously go more for the Broadcasting spectrum of the Communication field.

19. Gabe Lewis- Mortuary Science

We have to admit, Gabe has an odd fascination with the darker side of things. Though I am aware this is just another stereotype, Gabe has a lot of the tendencies of someone who would work within the Mortuary field. His passion for scary movies and the dead are also obvious key points as to why he would excel in the field as well!

20. Jan Levenson- Nursing

Jan is one who cares about many but sometimes has to hide her true feelings. As a nursing major, whether it be a troublesome patient or one you are truly passionate about, it really takes the right frame of mind to deal with a wide spectrum of people on a daily basis in the field. Though she may have some weak moments, Jan contains these traits.

21. Robert California- English

Let’s face it. Robert is just a bit different. Many English majors have the creative mind for the art of words. They also sometimes tend to live in their own world, is the best way to put it...how does this not explain Robert? Whether it be literature, or even writing, English majors tend to be on the brash and wise-minded side of life.

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