12 Things Every College Girl Wants To Hear, Ideally On An Everyday Basis
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12 Things Every College Girl Wants To Hear, Ideally On An Everyday Basis

Class is cancelled.

12 Things Every College Girl Wants To Hear, Ideally On An Everyday Basis

Every college girl needs a break or a word of encouragement every once in a while. College is hard, life is hard.

So why not try and make it easier by telling your college girl exactly what she needs to hear? Here are just a few things that I know make me feel good:

1. You are enough.

This is enough to cheer up any girl. Hearing that even though we aren’t the best, we are enough, is the best thing to hear when we are feeling down.

2. You are beautiful.

In a world of stereotypes, us girls tend to think we can always look better if we look like the women on television or in advertisements. Telling us that we are beautiful is plenty if you’re trying to make us smile. (“Good morning beautiful” texts are still totally adorable.)

3. I brought food.

No, but really, we are always hungry.

4. Let’s stay in and watch movies.

(Bonus if you know our favorite movie or tv show!)

5. Class is canceled.

Okay, so maybe everyone loves to hear this and not just girls.

6. Ulta/Sephora/Victoria’s Secret is having a sale.

*running out the door*

7. Your crush is going to that party.

Time to slay the night away.

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8. His friend is hotter than him.

Backup plan numero uno.

9. I brought your favorite ice cream over.

Mint chocolate chip, please!

10. Starbucks on campus has absolutely no line.

Coffee, please!

11. You are so intelligent.

Finally! Something to say to women that is not referring to our looks! Praise!

12. I love you.

Now whether this is from your family, spouse or friends, it is always good to have that friendly reminder that people care about you. This can definitely make any girls day.

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