You appear on the outside as a young lady in her twenties but in the inside you feel as if you have an old soul.

You are not alone in this. I would much rather be in bed at 8PM rather than getting ready to head out to a house party or the bar. Letter writing is still a constant way of communication for you, especially when you trave to new places and have to send post cards and letters to friends and family.

Cursive writing is fun to you. Even if there is difficulty reading it, you take on that challenge because you enjoy it. During my free time, I enjoy knitting while watching crime documentaries. Sometimes I read poetry and classics to bed. Many people call us boring or literally call us, "Grandmas". But I take it as a compliment. Partying, staying up until dawn and going to raves, just is not my thing. Now baking brownies or a cake from scratch at 2AM? I can go for that any night. And if you do both, more power to you.

Everyone is different but do not forget about your inner Grandma. She may appear boring, but she is unique just as much as any other personality.