11 Things College Girls Wear The First Week Of Second Semester Because They Just Got It For Christmas

11 Things College Girls Wear The First Week Of Second Semester Because They Just Got It For Christmas

Campus will be like a fashion show the first week back.

When you reach college, you're most likely getting a lot of clothes and accessories for Christmas. That first week back to campus, everyone will be showing off what they got for Christmas just by wearing it. Here are 11 things you may see:

1. Shoes

Those new boots or new tennis shoes definitely need to be showed off while walking to classes.

2. Perfume/Lotion

Maybe that cute boy in one of your classes will notice how good you smell.

3. Jewelry

I've got about four pairs of new earrings I want to show off, but only two pairs of holes.

4. Sweater

Plus: Will keep you warm

5. Socks

Mostly shown off while walking around the dorm, but there's nothing better than a new pair of socks. Also, keeps your feet warm.

6. Makeup

New makeup = new looks to try out

7. Pajama set

Don't let those new, matching pajamas go to waste!

8. Nail polish

New nail polish means fresh new nails to show off.

9. Purse/bag

Time to get rid of that old, worn out purse.

10. Leggings

Who doesn't love wearing brand-new leggings?

11. School spirit wear

Nothing says "Go *insert college name here*" like wearing a new sweatshirt/T-shirt.

Cover Image Credit: Kelly Toncre

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Safety in Beauty

What to Watch out for When Choosing a New Makeup Product

If you’re like many women, you probably pick up makeup products based on their appearance. Reading over the ingredients or conducting research on the items may not play large roles in your shopping routine. However, you may be horrified to learn that “[out of 33 brands tested, about 60 percent of lipsticks were found to contain lead” according to Style Caster. While Style Caster notes that the amount of lead isn’t harmful, this fact can help you to look at makeup in a new light.

Know Your Allergies

As your browsing through new products to purchase, such as lip glosses featured on Nu Skin‘s Flickr page, you’re likely checking out the shades that go with your favorite outfits or an eye shadow that you just purchased. While you’re finding the best fit for your fashion trends, take a look at the list of ingredients before purchasing any new products. You may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients used to make the products. A minor irritation might not concern you, but a small problem in a sensitive part of your body, such as your eye, could turn into a major problem.

Define Your Safety Standards

You’ve likely heard it said that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on a food product, then you probably should not ingest it. If you live by that rule for the food that you eat, then consider applying it to your makeup purchases. You have to feel good about the standard of safety that you define for yourself. You may want to use only products that are made with all natural or all organic ingredients. Learn how to read the labels properly to ensure that you’re meeting your standards. For example, the word “organic” on a label does not mean that the product is 100 percent organic.

Stay Alert to Toxins

Considering your makeup as filled with toxins is quite possibly a thought that has never crossed your mind before. However, the Huffington Post notes that some items, specifically foundation, lipstick and mascara, can contain toxins. Some of these toxins have been found to interrupt certain systems in the body, and others may be carcinogens. Reading the full list of ingredients and looking for them when you purchase makeup is important. If you have specific medical concerns, you should articulate them to your doctors. They can likely provide recommendations about what ingredients to avoid and what the risks to your body are.

Animal Testing

In addition to worrying about your own safety, you may also have concerns about how safe these makeup products are for your animal friends. While some companies do still use animal testing, plenty do not. When you want to show great concern and care for the safety of animals, you can choose only those products from companies that do not engage in animal testing. Conducting research on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal’s website can help you to determine which companies have entirely eliminated animal testing. Keep in mind that one product from a brand may not have been tested on an animal, but that doesn’t mean the entire company avoids the practice. As humans become more aware of the concerns associated with animal testing, information about safe products becomes more readily available.

Choosing new makeup certainly has to do with style preferences, but it is also connected to safety. In the past, you may not have known that the safety of makeup was a topic that you should make a priority. Now, you can take steps to ensure that the products you place on your face are actually good for it.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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The World's Driest Hair Tries DIY Deep Conditioner

Trying DIY deep conditioner using at home products on my incredibly overprocessed hair

I have a little secret to let you in on: I’m not a natural blonde. I know, your mind is blown. Just kidding, everyone who has ever met me knows this because I can’t seem to keep the same hair color for more than a couple of months. I am committed to my husband, to my hair color? Not so much.

I actually dye my hair so often and have for so long, that I have no idea what my natural color actually is. Suffice to say that maybe my hair isn’t at its peak shine or softness level, especially now after undergoing four bleachings, five toners, and multiple blow dryings within the course of three months. Sure my hair is now the light ash blonde I want, but at what cost I ask you? At what cost?! Dryness, that’s what cost. My hair is dryer than the Sahara Desert at noon, and I need a good deep conditioning.

So, the other day in one of my classes I hear a girl behind me talking about a hair mask she swears by, and let me tell you-this girl has shining Disney Princess locks, I mean Blake Lively is jealous of this girl's hair. I need to know her secret. I find a way to insert myself into the conversation, and I tell her about my hair woes.

Get this - she tells me she used to have dry hair too, I don’t believe her, of course, she's a hair goddess but I, a mere mortal, am frankly willing to try whatever she tells me. After feeling my straw hair, she writes down her secret hair potion (that she said her mom’s sorority used to do before formals so it’s not really a secret).

So here it is: Katie from Econ’s secret to luscious locks. To see if this really works I had to try it on the worlds driest hair, mine.


-1/2 cup olive oil (microwaved for 20 seconds or warmed stove top to warm but not hot)

-1tbs Honey

-1tbs Apple cider vinegar

-Mix together, put on hair starting with driest parts, saturate

hair, if you have greasy roots leave off roots

-Cover hair with shower cap, leave on for 30 minutes-3 hours

-Rinse in lukewarm water, shampoo to remove excess oil and condition as usual

-Allow hair to air dry

Consider it done, Katie. Amazingly these were all things I already had in my house, so that made this a lot easier (and cheaper). It said to saturate hair so I most certainly did, I have pretty long hair and this was just enough mixture to cover my hair. The only thing I didn’t have was a shower cap, so I just used a supermarket plastic bag because for some reason I have 10,000 of them stored up and it’s the same thing as a shower cap. Basically, I’m recycling, you’re welcome, environment.

Since my hair is so dry I decided to leave it on as long as possible to get the maximum benefit, with my crazy schedule this ended up being an hour and a half. Pro tip: bring

a good face wash in the shower, olive oil is, well, oily.

When I got out of the shower I prayed I had gotten the olive oil out of my hair, because it is kind of hard to tell. I also resisted the urge to use the leave-in conditioner, which is usually a staple for me, because I wanted to see the full effect this treatment would have on my hair.

I’m not going to lie to you, while my hair dried it felt kind of strange. It wasn’t super easy to get my fingers through my hair, I was worried there was left over oil even though I shampooed really well. My hair did not feel soft or silky while drying, it felt a little tangled, and like it was going to be a little bit crispy.

To my surprise when my hair (finally) dried it was pretty soft, undoubtedly softer than usual! It also definitely has some extra shine to it and a little less frizz! Did I have Katie from Econ’s gorgeous Elle Woods hair? No, but it was better than what I started with, and I’d try it again for (hopefully) even more improvement. After all, I am willing to try just about anything. If you have any other suggestions feel free to send them my way, I’ll put anything in for a little shine; molasses, peanut butter, pigs blood-you name it, I’ll try it.

Before After

Cover Image Credit: Personal Photo

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