10 Points Of Your College Experience, As Described By Jenna Marbles
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10 Points Of Your College Experience, As Described By Jenna Marbles

Lean on YouTube's hilarious Jenna Marbles for some inspiration on the alternative college culture.

10 Points Of Your College Experience, As Described By Jenna Marbles

It's been approximately a month since the semester started, and I've already had my first midterm. Time flies by, but I'm enjoying every second. Nevertheless, it's been tough adjusting to this unfamiliar college lifestyle. Thus, to help, I looked to YouTube's hilarious Jenna Marbles for some inspiration on the alternative college culture.

1. Freshman 15

College get's stressful, but... Food is nice. Food is good. Food is energy. Food is life.

2. Sleeping on the college-provided mattresses is killer

Make sure to get tons of blankets, pillows, and throws to ensure a comfortable sleeping space! AND, even though it is a pain in the butt, give yourself a minute in the morning to make your bed before rushing out to your first class — you will thank yourself later that night when you get to jump into an assembled bed.

3. Finally understanding the campus lingo

There are acronyms for almost every organization, event, building, and anything else imaginable here on campus. Every second my brain is being bombarded with questions about ABC, CDA, XYZ, TLA, FLR, DRSE, TREG, when I thought I couldn't take any more abbreviations, I, finally, learned them all. **insert a pat on the back** Also, Long Islanders use different slang than that used in Jersey, for example:

- deada** means serious

- living on Long Island instead of in

- guap in reference to money

- tight means irritated

- good looks to say a good job

- brick regarding the frigid temperature

4. The odd conversations you will have with your roommate(s)

Those late-night discussions can really have you questioning your sanity...

5. The guy from last night never calls you back

Everything happens for a reason. If he doesn't call you back, there is a reason for it! He isn't worth it, there will be others who won't waste a second to call you back.

6. Free condoms at every corner

I've gathered a bucket-full in my dorm room.

7. Begging your professors to raise your grade

No, I haven't been to any of the lectures or recitations — I slept through them all. No, I haven't done any homework — I was studying for other subjects. No, I haven't come for extra help — I don't even have spare time to pee or take a shower, you think I have a free hour to come see you? But, hey, at least I'm here on my knees begging for your forgiveness!

9. Your life is falling apart

Okay, for real, two weeks ago was the first time I slept in my contacts, and I freaked out when I realized in the morning. I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY EYESIGHT! Also, funny story: I thought the dryer was a washing machine and put my dirty laundry with liquid detergent in the dryer — it was a mess!! I have come to realize that not only the world is falling apart with the past storms, but my life, itself, is crumbling.

10. College parties and the mess that follows

You can have a great time at college parties; however, be careful!! Know your limits, know how you are getting home, and know where your friends are at all times.

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