Here is 15 ways Shameless describes college students perfectly:

1. The amount of times you contemplate dropping out of college and thinking you can make it as a dancer

2. That dreadful moment when your professor picks you to answer and you were thinking about how much more time you have left of class

3. When your professor will let you out early yet there is that one person who keeps asking questions

4. When you tell your parents you are an adult now (yet you are panicking on the inside of having to take care of yourself)

5. You think of ways to gain money, including robbing a bank

6. All that you thought you knew, you were wrong

7. Hall meetings were always a pain

8. When you think you have done all your assignments but then realize that there is something due at midnight

9. When you try to find roommates to live with next year

10. When you tell people about your day

11. 8 am classes were a mistake and it will be avoided at all costs

12. There are times you will question your sanity

13. The best things are the free things and what you look for at events

14. When you keep calling your parents when you are homesick but they don’t pick up

15. When naps are your best friend and you feel like you can never catch up on sleep