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10 Reasons to visit your college campus in the middle of summer

Summer is low-key the best season to be on campus.

10 Reasons to visit your college campus in the middle of summer

You leave college at the end of the semester screaming "School's out for summer!", but you're missing out. I've spent many summers working at my undergraduate and graduate colleges, and it's one of my favorite times to be on campus. At the University of Connecticut (UConn), there are so many reasons to enjoy the summer, but here are my top ten.

1. It's SOOO quiet

Amanda Coletti

First, let's start with the obvious. There are a lot less people around on a college campus during the summer. You don't have to fight your fellow students for parking spaces, you'll always find a good spot in the library, and you can walk around as if you have the entire campus to yourself (because you pretty much do!). Compared to the 18,000+ students on our campus during the semester, only staff, graduate students, and a few undergraduate students are working in the summer, contributing to a more relaxed vibe.

2. Short/no lines

Amanda Coletti

Ever try to get in line for food at your campus' student union during the semester around noon? Forget about it. Every single vendor has a line that's halfway out the door. And don't even get me started on trying to find a seat. But compared to during the semester, getting food during the summer is a breeze. There are short lines, or even no lines at all, to get food at the Student Union or any of the various campus cafes.

3. Admire the views

Amanda Coletti

During the semester, most people take the same route from their dorm or apartment to get to their classes every day. But the monotony of a daily schedule may cause you to miss out on some hidden gems that you didn't even know were on your campus. Take this secret outdoor patio, for example. I've been at UConn for three years and didn't realize that this space existed. Finding these spaces can change your outlook about your campus, for the better!

4. Visit that famous place on campus

Amanda Coleti

All campuses have that one famous place that everyone has to go visit at least once during their time there. Summer is the perfect time to check that one famous spot off your college bucket list. At UConn, one of these spots is called "The Summit." Located on the top level of the Biology/Physics Building tower, it's one of the highest spots on campus to admire the stellar views.

5. Museums

Amanda Coletti

One of the best opportunities of attending a college or university is that most of them have museums right on campus. While you might not have the time to visit during the school year, take some time during the summer to explore a museum right in your backyard. Also, students can usually get admission for discounted rates or for free with a student ID. At UConn, the William Benton Museum of Art (above) and the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History are located right on the Storrs campus.

6. Local summer activities

Sometimes it's easy to forget that your college town is also a community of non-college students. And that community loves to celebrate summer too! Try looking at your college town's website for an events page of summer activities. In Storrs/Mansfield, our community hosts live music events on the town green on Thursday nights and late night movies on Friday nights during the summer. These events are a great way to become a part of your college town's community.

7. Explore the surroundings

Amanda Coletti

While you're visiting your college campus during the summer, take some time to explore the surrounding towns. During the school year, we all live in that academic bubble, where we might take some time to go to local places, but then need to rush back to the library or dorm to study. Taking the time to discover places a little bit farther from campus is not only a fun adventure, but can also become a new place to go when you take a break during the school year. In Storrs/Mansfield there are tons of great parks and hiking trails. UConn's Horsebarn Hill offers several walking paths, stunning views, and yes, lots of cows.

8. Local restaurants

Amanda Coletti

While you're out exploring the surrounding towns, try experimenting with the local cuisine too. Instead of always going to the same places within 3 mi of campus, now you'll be able to discover a few hidden gems when you're tired of eating from the same four places around campus. In Vernon, Camille's wood fired pizza has amazing thin crust pizza in a nice, casual environment (I highly recommend the prosciutto and arugula pizza!).

9. Conferences & Talks

Amanda Coletti

Semester classes might not be in session, but campuses don't completely shut down in the summer. In fact, many colleges and universities host conferences and invite guest speakers to give talks during the summer. Last month I attended a talk about science communication given by Dr. Christine O'Connell from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, and a conference for the UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media. These were both great opportunities for networking and career development.

10. Campus events

Universities love it when it's summer too! Activities committees host lots of outdoor picnics and BBQs to take advantage of the nice weather and celebrate summer. UConn hosts weekly ice cream Tuesday events, where you can build your own ice cream sundae from UConn's Dairy Bar ice cream, made fresh on campus. Arts and crafts activities and student appreciation events scattered across the summer are great opportunities to hang out with other students in different departments on campus.

Whether you're staying at your college campus for the summer or want to plan a visit for a day trip, your college campus is a fantastic place to be in the middle of summer.

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