The Ultimate College Bucket List
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Student Life

The Ultimate College Bucket List

11 things that you must do while in college.

The Ultimate College Bucket List

College is a time to come out of your shell and experience a whole new side of life. For a lot of people, college is the first time that they have to be completely responsible for themselves. However, it’s important for students to be a little irresponsible while they are still able to. These are a few of the things that I believe every college student should do before they graduate and obtain a real adult job.

1. Explore the campus at night

Schools seem to carry a much different vibe after the sun goes down. Walk your campus at night and enjoy the eerie solitude. Also, many old universities in the United States are rumored to be haunted, and this is the best time to seek the truth for yourself.

2. Study abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to expand your horizons. You get to learn about language and culture while taking an awesome vacation and completing some credits. Plus, time spent learning abroad looks great on a resume.

3. Explore your college’s town

Grab some friends and find the best places that your college town has to offer. Don’t stop until you’ve found the best slice of pizza and an awesome spot to hang out.

4. Befriend people that you wouldn’t have talked to in high school

Step out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation with someone who you probably would have avoided in high school. You just might make a great friend.

5. Cook a meal from scratch

Invite your roomies to help and cook a meal that uses real and fresh ingredients. This will probably require a trip to the grocery store, but your stomach with thank you.

6. Pull an all-nighter

Hopefully, you do this twice in your college career. Stay up all night once for an academic reason, and a second time just because you can.

7. Dye your hair a wacky color

Your hair will (probably) grow back. Try dying your hair the most obnoxious color that you can find before you have a professional job that requires boring hair.

8. Make the dean’s list

After all, you spend all your money on higher education so that you can get a job. While having fun, try to remember the importance of academics.

9. Join a club or group on campus

This is a great way to learn a new skill and befriend people with similar interests. If you’re not sure what to take, have a friend sign up with you for the wackiest club that your school offers. You just might find your new calling.

10. Attend or throw a party

Bonus points if it’s on a weeknight. See for yourself if college parties are really as wild as the movies claim they are. If you don’t like your options, throw a party yourself with a crazy theme. No one can resist a good toga party.

11. Attend a sporting event

Maybe you don’t have a lot of school spirit, and that’s perfectly okay, but gather a few of your funniest friends and catch a game. Even if none of you are really into sports, (maybe you don’t even understand how the game is played...) you can still have fun cheering on your home team like idiots!

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