For those of you who know me, you know that you will catch me more times than not with coffee in my hand. You also know that I have built my own coffee bar, and have nearly 100 coffee mugs. So, seeing the title of this article came as no surprise to you. I want you to join the coffee club for five simple reasons.

1. It wakes you up.

Duh. No one gives their kids coffee before bed for a reason. Well, a reason other than it may or may not stunt their growth.

2. It doesn't sound cool to say, "I woke up and had a glass of water for breakfast."

Everyone knows that when you talk about your day it sounds so much cooler to say, "I woke up, made a cup of coffe, etc.." It just slips off the tongue much smoother than any other beverage.

3. All of the best movie stars drink it in their shows.

Ever see Meredith Grey walking around with a cup of tea? Maybe, but not nearly as often as she has coffee in her hand. What about the cast of Pretty Little Liars? I think they have coffee in their veins and a little blood mixed in. But hey, if the cool kids are doing it we should too, right?

4. It makes for the best dates.

Lets talk about how grown up you feel when you say,"Yeah lets meet up for coffee tomorrow morning." Also, it's a perfect date for anybody. Friend? Yes, a good way to carry on a full conversation without having to stop to chew food. Just slight sips here and there. Date with a significant other? Yes, there is no better way to bond than over a warm cup of coffee to warm the heart. First date? Most definitely. If it isn't going well, just drink really fast so the date ends quicker. Going well, order a muffin and another cup to keep the good times rolling.

5. It makes you feel like an adult walking around, cup in hand.

Don't lie, you've wanted to try coffee since you saw your parents with it as a kid. Except it tasted like the devils piss itself when you tried it at that age. Now that you're older you'll be happy to know it comes in a variety of fun flavors. So go ahead, be that adult.

If these five reasons don't make you want to drink coffee, I don't know what will.