11 Ways To Be Trendy In 2019
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11 Ways To Be Trendy In 2019

Want to know what to buy this year before seeing other people with it first? I have all the secrets played out right here.

11 Ways To Be Trendy In 2019
Chloe Black

Being on trend with the hype is sometimes really stressful. Like, do I really need to buy big chunky clout glasses when Silly Bands are going to be next weeks "thing"? Those glasses might have been trendy a week ago sis, but they are so last year (to everyone reading, please tell me you said that line like it has been said in all of the high school movies ever created. If not, obviously you need to brush up on the trends. Hmm, it looks like you are definitely in the right place then). Leave them and get the new kitty cat eye colored glasses and let's go show everyone who's boss.

Here are 11 ways to be trendy in 2019.

1. Vintage everything

Chloe Black

Everything from antique jewelry, to old fashioned Nike clothes, are becoming a big trend this year. Which is great for me because I love a thrifting adventure.

Tip: Thrifting is also great for trying new looks out, you might fall in love with the different style and without spending a fortune if the clothing doesn't end up making the cut.

2. Sequins

Chloe Black

Also can be a thrift store purchase. Everyone likes a little bedazzle right?

3. Animal printed clothing

Chloe Black

Cheetah print, zebra print, even cow print has popped up recently. It might not be a trend to be comfortable with, but it is definitely a statement.

4. Golden yellow


This trend has been going on for multiple years and is not predicted to decease this year. I do see why though, being that yellow is a bright and lively color.

5. Festive earrings

Jewelry is coming back, it's the next level of extra. With earrings, the more dangly the better! Also, I believe that those stringy colorful ones are going to be great for this summer.

6. Stackable necklaces

Luna Skye / Instagram

Cute little dainty necklaces are perfect to stack. You could have three on and not feel like choking! I would not suggest these ones though, they would definitely burn a hole in your pocket (see the link).

7. Bracelets

Cluse Watches / Instagram

Multiple. All the bracelets you own. Just make as much noise as possible, so everyone knows you are "in" with the trends.

8. Suits and blazers

Chloe Black

If you thought only men wear blazers, you are wrong. Women run the suit show now. They are very fashionable and make everyone look so for assertive. I am in love with this trend and I can not wait to find a set that will fit me and look good!

9. Printed pants

Chloe Black

Flower pants, striped pants, cool designs are here! This is great for a person waiting on an excuse to get more pants like me.

10. Silky tops

Chloe Black

I am in love with this trend, I have literally ten different silky tops in my shopping cart, I'm just hoping I can thrift some first before I spend more than I intend to. It's just, they are so comfortable and cute! Silk is a material everyone can see.

11. Metallic leather

Chloe Black

Although regular leather is fashionable now, the shiny stuff is the trend right now. Imagine some sequins with this leather and noisy bracelets? Girl, you might land yourself on a magazine by accident.

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