When I started playing violin in middle school, classical music was not what I was interested in. I was obsessed with the Beatle and could care less about music written hundreds of years before I was born. By the time I graduated high school, playing for my school's top-level orchestra, I had fallen in love with the music I had grown so used to playing.

In the beginning, I was like a lot of people. Thinking that classical music was dull, boring and all the same. But as I began to truly listen and enjoy the truth came out. There is no more expressive music than the classical genre.

My all-time favorite piece was written by Tchaikovsky in 1869 and is based on the famous Shakespeare work, Romeo and Juliet. The overture is 20 minutes of bliss, from singing, sweeping melodies to intense and incredible riffs, Romeo and Juliet truly offer all that can be expected from such a genre.

We often see classical music just as something to listen to as we study, or as background music at a restaurant that we can't afford, but it is truly so much more than that. There is a classical piece for whatever mood you could possibly be in, from a super sad piano serenade from Beethoven to a joyful and nearly explosively upbeat violin solo by Paganini the range is wide.

These are truly works of art, not the mindless white noise we often see it as. Composers sometimes spend years finding the correct sound to fit the mood of their symphonies or tirelessly work to create masterpieces that would live on for centuries. These artworks deserve more time and respect than to be brushed off as mere study music.

I would encourage anyone reading this to explore deeper into the classical genre than they have before.

Even if you are one who enjoys to listen in your spare time, make playlists for your moods, explore new composers and branch out from what you know. This music took years to create and centuries to get to your phones, respect and enjoy the artwork like it deserves and lose yourself like generations before you in the pure emotion that is within.