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5 Christmas Traditions That I Will NEVER Part With

If it isn't my family's way of things, I want no part in it.


Christmas is a time of joy, family, and gifts. It has a certain air about it than the other holidays that is uniquely its own. IT also comes with a slew of traditions tailored for each family. Some are more cheery than other, and some are tamer, but when it comes to Christmas, everything is well enough. It all depends on the family.

With me graduating this year, this is the last year I will be still living at home, and I find myself wanting to do all the traditions I can in order to have this little time with my family.

For us, our traditions are old school, yet classic all at once. Although, it starts not in December but on Thanksgiving Day. Here are five traditions in my family I will not be letting go when I'm in college.

1. Christmas lights and hot fudge sundaes

After we are stuffed full of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and pie; we pile up in one of our cars and take a trip to town where a huge park, Noble Park, hosts dozens of Christmas lights. It's complete with music, and laughter. The park also sets up a canned goods drive, in which when you donate you get the tiny peppermint candy canes. Then, as if we need any more food, we scoot on over to the Dairy Queen right across from the park to go get hot fudge sundaes!

I've been doing this with my family since I was a little girl, and it truly does kick off my Christmas season. I don't plan on getting off this tradition any time soon. It's just something about listening to Silent Night while driving under a Christmas light of Santa Claus riding in his sleigh that really makes me feel the Christmas spirit. Whether I have to find a park or have to come home, I WILL continue this.

2. Setting the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving

We don't go chop down a tree, but we do assemble one together. The day after Thanksgiving, my house is always full of Christmas music, moving furniture, and dancing people as we get out all the dusty old boxes for the season. We sometimes have eggnog, but we don't always and it wouldn't be right if halfway through I didn't start complaining about how many ornaments there are to go because my attention span is next to none.

It kicks off the Christmas atmosphere in this house, and it's one I am not going to give up; even if it means staying for a few more days than planned, or bringing the family up to my dorm just to do tradition.

3. "Home Alone" marathon

If there is one movie I absolutely can't bear to not watch during Christmas time, it's the "Home Alone" movies (not the third because it's not a true part of the movies). I even watch it as I eat Thanksgiving dinner. Around the middle of December, my mother and I bundle up in our footie pajamas, boil some cocoa, and settle down in front of the TV for some "Home Alone" movies. I don't know if I would be able to do Christmas without watching it at least two times.

4. Watching the "Santa Claus" trilogy

Just like Home Alone, the "Santa Claus" trilogy was my childhood. It's one of the only Christmas movies I am able to watch without cringing, and my dad will even watch them. Closer to Christmas is when I'll watch these, and it's always a hoot. The "Santa Claus" movies always give me that little hint of magic I've been missing since I was a child. I know that this tradition will always live on, even when I'm living by my own with my own children.

5. Watching a Christmas special of "Glee" on Christmas Eve when I go to bed

I have been a fan of "Glee" or years now, and although the tradition is new, It's still something I do every year. One by one, in order of seasons, I will watch the Christmas specials of "Glee" when I go to bed on Christmas Eve. Their joyful covers and funny plots put me in a Christmas spirit like nothing else. They're a light-hearted and fun part to my Christmas, and it puts a smile on my face every time.

They did a Grinch theme, a star wars theme in black and white, and they even did Alvin and the Chipmunks as a cover (as pictured up top ) which is by far the best Christmas episode they have.

Well, there you have it. Five traditions I can never part with. They might seem silly to you, but this is how we do things in my house, and I wouldn't ever dare to not do them. We are a crazy family with crazy traditions, but it isn't Christmas without them.

I might be going to college, but I'm still going to watch these movies and show, and see Christmas lights. I will still be a part of it, and I will for the rest of my life. That is all there is to say.

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