It Is Christmas Once Again

It Is Christmas Once Again

Holiday Season

Its officially that time of year again, Christmas! It is exciting, yet stressful. This time of year for college students can be hard due to final exams before the holidays. Many people are scrambling to buy that last minuet gift and also trying to keep it together as they prepare for the season. However, there is a positive spin on this time of year due to all the great presents, lights and kindness during Christmas. Being a young person during this time, is good because we get to enjoy the season with friends, family, and so much love and food! I enjoy spending time with people who I do not see often, but I do also enjoy having down time away from school. Finals can get to you, and it is finally a good time to relax and sit back to enjoy Christmas.

So if you have lost your Christmas spirit, perhaps you can go somewhere or take time to admire the placed around you filled with holiday decor. With all the hustle and business, you must take time for yourself to relax and take time to enjoy this season for it only comes once a year. If people took more time to enjoy the season of giving and to be kind to others more than just this time of year, the world just maybe would be a better place. Maybe if we took this spirit of kindness and giving and spread it out during the whole entire year it might help just one person.

Who knows, you might just brighten up someone day with a simple kind gesture. I hope you all have a good and Merry Christmas, and may it bring you peace, joy and good will. May it also bring you happiness in times of conflict and problems, for that is the true meaning of this holiday season.

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To The College Student Who Has Absolutely No Summer Plans

Not everyone will land that $20 an hour internship, and that's okay.

It's that time of year again, where college students across the country enter the home stretch of their classes and begin preparing for finals. Throughout the residence halls, you'll hear people say things like "okay, I honestly have NO idea how I'm going to bring all of this home" and "my mom is gonna freak out when she finds out that I'm bringing the futon home". But what you'll also probably hear is "so what are you doing this summer?"

You'll hear this from your roommate, from your neighbor, from the girl who sits next to you in your discussion section, maybe even from your RA. And while you might want to answer with something cool like "traveling around Europe" or "working an internship at a Fortune 500 company", you might answer something more along the lines of "um, I'm actually not really sure yet". And that's okay.

Nowadays, there's definitely a lot of pressure on us college students to spend our summers adventuring abroad or working impressive internships. But not everyone can afford the airfare, and not everyone is lucky enough to be hired by a renowned company.

Maybe the closest you'll get to a fabulous vacation is a weekend family bonding camping trip, and instead of an internship, you're working for minimum wage at your local coffee shop. If this sounds like your summer, don't worry.

If you're not going on an amazing vacation, that's okay. Not everyone is able to go abroad all summer long, or even for just a week. You can still find ways to take vacation time without paying big bucks. If you live close to a beach, plan a beach day or weekend with your friends.

If you live near the mountains, get a group together and go hiking. Wherever you live, there's someplace nearby where you can go for a little adventure. If the only vacation you'll be going on is a family road trip, find ways to make it fun. You're never too old for the license plate game or board games.

When it comes to summer jobs, it can sting to watch your friends work high-level internships with impressive salaries, when your job is an unpaid internship or a minimum-wage part-time situation. If you're making minimum wage, try to save up what you earn, and find things to do that won't break the bank -- a lot of major cities have lots of free activities that can be discovered with a little online digging.

If your internship is unpaid, I know how frusturating it can be, working hard for practically nothing -- yes, getting credit is nice, but at the end of the day, it can feel like you have nothing to show for your hard work. While working for no pay is no fun, remember that your boss will still be observing you, and that they might just invite you back for a paid position next summer if you're a hard worker.

At the same time, as hard as it might be, try not to get angry with your friends who are experiencing the summer you wish you were. While it can be frustrating to watch them explore the world and make a serious income, remember that sometimes, these things are due to pure luck. Your friends probably aren't doing these things to hurt you, and if they were in your position, they would probably be just as frustrated.

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A Bronze Lady, A Glowing Woman, Or A Goddess?

Who is this bronzed lady and where is from?

She floated upon the waves from the blue Pacific. When she arrived there were witnesses on the beach, yet no one noticed her. Her arrival was quiet, serene. The waves were not even fully dramatic, but the scene was quite mellow. She arrived using only her sand-glowed body with what we consider private parts, covered by this brown, satin-like material, wet and clinging to her.

She used her feet and it appeared as if she was slowly walking on the water, but when I went in the ocean to get a closer look, she was strutting pretty quickly like a purebred horse showing off before the big show. Her mane was thicker than any overgrown bush that we have ever seen.

It was un-kept and everywhere, but the blacked shined fiercely as she dipped in the water every so often and returned to the surface. When the sun hit her at the right angle, her natural highlights glowed and she became invisible.

This specimen was not a woman. She portrayed all of the features of one, but they were notably different. Nothing about her was average. When she got closer to me, I saw that her sanded skin was metallic. It was bronze. I wonder how far she'd travel because there were no signs of corrosion.

I walked out of the ocean and I looked back. The bronze lady was no longer there. I figured it was a figment of my imagination, I had been on the beach all day. As soon as my toe no longer felt water from the current, I was taken away by a sudden storm. Now I am in some town of riches with gold, silver, and bronze making up the roads, and I have yet to meet this woman.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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