Chasing the sun and watching it fade,

the light, the blue, the dark, the gray.

Blacken trees are outlined in the distance,

there's a high tide coming in.

Wanting to drift off into a deep sleep,

the humming of this high couldn't come more naturally.

With red lights in my eyes,

I take it as a warning sign to stay away.

Tall grassing hushing my inner thoughts with a quick whisper.

Mile marker 322,

how do you convey my noise as a choice and not something seen as overdue?

The pressure of wanting the best for myself,

the pressure of wanting nothing but that for myself.

Top shelf status.

If my car broke down now where would I go?

Crossing the eye West is a strange sign of death,

opening mine is the one thing I have left to do.

Before I can truly move on,

and realize that no matter where I go I will always be connected to you.

Deep Creek Road 316,

what do you say we go and make some memories?

Would you hide away with me until we were free,

from high-grade expectations and low-grade connotations?

Nine more miles and I'm there,

Nine more miles and I lose my air.

I think it's time that I leave,

or at least find room to breathe.

The Sun setting to my left and the stars to my right,

which way do I go?

Which way do I fight?

I am lost in my mind,

where no two words are kind.

The continuous red lights,

this fading day time.

This feeling doesn't forget.

I need that safety,

I can't do any maybe's.

One, two, three stars I see in my blacken sky,

the hill to my left is hiding the light.

Red lights closing in,

I guess my fate has sunken in.

I am here for now,

but this is not the end.

One day I'll chase the light,

and one day I won't get trapped behind what's not right.

I'll find my home,

on my own.