Hi, I don't usually use this platform to promote personal things, but this is something super important to me and I wanted to share it with anyone who is interested. So, before I introduce you to this awesome new club I'm starting, let me give you a quick backstory on how the idea came about.

I take geology, along with a bunch of my friends for our General Education requirement for science. Besides the usual homework and readings, our professor challenged us to write an essay on our hero or someone who inspired us to do what we do or be who we are.

Then, our "20-year-long" assignment was to go out and change the world in any way possible. This resonated with a lot of people in my class, I think because it challenged us to simply do what most humans aspire to: leave a positive impact on the world around us. But this assignment was also hard, and probably hard to grade because we are all of different talents and majors and backgrounds, so our aspirations will differ widely. The interdisciplinary topic interested me a lot because I was curious what it would be like instead of joining a club catered towards my major if instead, I joined one that had a different focal point and area of interest every week. Thus, with a push from our geology professor, the club was born.

SO, the Change the world club is a group of students from different disciplines and majors using their diversity and talents to make a positive impact on the world and to address sustainability issues and modern problems. We are going to go out and do SO MUCH! But we need your help! We will tackle marine sustainability and the problem of single-use plastic (Plastic crafts, fundraisers for the SCA) but also address modern issues (i.e. reducing our screen time, or reading a book by an underrepresented author). Topics also include education, climate change, and major workshops, but the list goes on forever! So please come sign up to be a part of this awesome club kicking off in April, and email me if you want to join or have any questions!

My email: walkerr3@g.cofc.edu