Cats—Need I Say More?

This poem is for my cat, who thinks my laptop is her bed, but only when I'm using it.

She purrs sweetly

Rubbing her head against my hand

She meows softly

Looking up at me,

I pet her a little longer,

Then go back to my homework,

She meows again,

And I can’t help but feel guilty,

But my homework is almost done,

And due in the morning,

My laptop rumbles,

As I try to type faster,

The moment my finger hits submit,

She lays her body across my keyboard,

And looks up at me,

As if telling me,

It was time to focus on her,

Although I was lucky,

Normally she doesn’t wait,

For me to hit submit,

But even on those day,

The moment she sat down,

I sighed,

And smiled,

No matter what,

She is my cat,

Practically my child,

And I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

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