Cardi B And Offset Are Finally Welcoming “Baby Bardi” And We're Here For It
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Cardi B and Offset Are Finally Welcoming “Baby Bardi” And We're Here For It

Cardi's making mommy moves.

John Parra

It was during her SNL debut on April 7th when rapper Cardi B revealed her long-suspected pregnancy to the world. To recap: Cardi was donned in a custom white Christian Siriano gown and held a vintage microphone during her performance of "Be Careful," where the cameras purposely filmed the upper half of her body only to pan out and reveal her baby belly halfway through the song. During a May 9th interview with Howard Stern, Cardi revealed that she was expecting a baby girl and that it's the responsibility of her husband, Migos rapper Offset, to pick out her name.

Cardi B's pregnancy reveal on Saturday Night Live.


Since then, the 25-year-old Bronx native has been incredibly open about her pregnancy through social media, primarily Twitter and Instagram. She's shared a combination of both sweet and uncomfortable moments that she's endured during her pregnancy journey. "Baby Bardi" began kicking harder when her father wasn't present, and Cardi even started having nightmares since she got her bun in the oven. The "I Like It" singer also granted her followers with a little too much information, as she tweeted:

Cardi B / Twitter

Ouch. We can imagine the discomfort that comes with bringing new life into the world – we hear you, Cardi!

Along with the pain of pregnancy comes the perks. Cardi showed off some lavish baby shower gifts on her Instagram story and shared her gratitude. She received Gucci onesies and socks from her sister, social media star Hennessy Carolina, and not one, but four strollers for Baby Bardi.

On July 10th, Kulture Kiari Cephus, the daughter of Cardi B and Offset, was brought into to the world. Kulture is Cardi's first child and Offset's fourth – he has three others from previous relationships. In true Cardi fashion, the new mother took to Instagram the following day to share her joy with the world. The photos depict the rapper as she poses nude and caresses her beloved baby bump, surrounded by a stunning pink floral scenery. Fitting for a baby girl!

She captioned the first photo simply with her daughter's name and birth date while the second photo was accompanied with Cardi's raw, honest thoughts: "Kulture :')…no better feeling."

Cardi B / Instagram

Cardi B / Instagram

Offset, like his wife Cardi, posted a photo celebrating the birth of Kulture Kiari. His photo features a nude, fresh, and glowing Cardi, whose baby bump is covered in a cascade of pink silk and chunky gold bangles.

Offset / Instagram

The comments are filled with congratulations from fans and big names such as Ne-Yo, Lil Yachty, Quavo, 2 Chainz, Nene Leakes, and DJ Khaled. Online clothing empire Fashion Nova, which has received several shout-outs from Cardi in her songs, also expressed their congratulations to the new parents through Instagram's new IGTV feature.

We can't wait to see what the future brings these new parents and their baby girl. Hopefully, it's a bright one that brings nothing but blessings. Great congratulations to Cardi B and Offset!


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